World of M – Guest: Miyano Mamoru [Mizuki Nana]

Did I not listen to World of M last week!?
How did I miss it?
Ok, probably because I was too distracted with the epic duet that I completely forgot to listen to the World of M (which aired on August 7 and MJ Anisong SP3 aired on August 8th). ^^;;

But anyway, I’m glad I took a look after listening to this week’s World of M. Because apparently…

水樹奈々のMの世界 #058 (2010,08,07) ゲスト:宮野真守

I have no words. They were both awesome and hilarious (as expected). Ok, admittedly, Miyano was more hilarious because he’s… Miyano. xDD He’s more of a Dragonball nerd than I would’ve thought. XD Honestly, how many people knew about the Dragonball/DBZ character songs. Most only know about the openings/endings. ^^;;


And I’ve put off writing about last week’s Smile-Gang until certain drawings were posted. As we all know, the most hilarious part of Smile-Gang is often the “school corner.” The story goes that because Mikio Mouse has died (attacked by cat XD), Nana-san has now transferred to a manga school. What does she have to do at the school? Create a manga of course!

And yes, the following drawings were drawn by Nana-san herself on Smile-Gang. All drawings taken from the official Smile-Gang website.

Title: Run towards Uo!

So here’s her main character – Uo.


Personality: Bright and optimistic
Family: Fisherman
Special skill: Can speak to fishes, make friends with them, and gather fishes to fight for him.
Attacks: Shoots fish from his mouth. Uroko Smash!

Here’s the rival character – Golden.


Personality: Rich boy, somewhat dark
Special skill: Can buy anything with money (he carries a card)

Finally, here’s the heroine – Ribbon


Brief background: A rich girl, very good friends with Golden. But eventually starts to get along with Uo.


As Misato points out, Nana-san’s drawing style is that of a kindergarten to elementary school kid level. ^^;;
Eh, but Nana-san’s drawing is already way better than anything I can come up with…

We shall see what happens in the next section of this “manga.” XDD


2 comments on “World of M – Guest: Miyano Mamoru [Mizuki Nana]

  1. X_X” i didnt no Miyano is fan of dragonball XD *since they both fans then they can talk abt it lol XD*
    hmmm..Nana’s drawing look ok ok XP i abit agree Misato level lol but abit higher XD

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