Best Nanoha Commercial ever [MSLN, Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari]

Not what I was planning to translate, but this is begging to be posted. I daresay this is the best commercial I’ve seen for anything in the last 4 years. XDD

This will possibly be, the closest we’re going hear THE Takamachi Nanoha describe Fate Testarossa as sexy in canon. xDD

バンプレスト魔法少女リリカルなのは The MOVIE 1st

Opening: Banpresto. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st. Hajimarimasu.

Fate: Nanoha.
Nanoha: What is it, Fate-chan?
Fate: Nanoha! No one would be able to see me!
Nanoha: It’s not my fault. The store owner positioned us this way.
Fate: I wonder if the store owner is a fan of Nanoha… Since it has come down to this, I’ll use force to gain that position! Let’s go, Bardiche!
Nanoha: Ahhh!
Fate: I’ll admit to this… I am extremely envious of how well-made Nanoha’s clothes are this time.
Nanoha: Ah~ I guess you’re complimenting me, Fate-chan. But Fate-chan’s sexy belt/skirt that wraps around the waist is reproduced (based on anime) with such precision, it makes me doki doki. *
Fate: You didn’t have to be so specific! But for you, there’s still more. The clear parts for Nanoha’s Raising Heart looks too real!
Nanoha: The colour black makes Fate-chan stand out too much!
Fate: Your hair colour…!
Nanoha: The details of your gloves…!
Fate: Those beautiful feathers (wings)…!
Nanoha: The shape of the ribbons…
Fate: Your big eyes…!
Nanoha: Your stockings…
Fate&Nanoha: Everything is the best!!

Nanoha: …I think we went a little overboard. Hehehe.
Fate: Ichiban Kuji Premium. There are other goodies, so look forward to it!
Nanoha: To be released in late August. To all store owners across the nation, please position us as 2-top.
Fate: But Nanoha, our battle is far from over.

* This line made me think if my mind has fallen into the gutter. XDD;; First, instead of belt/skirt, I think I hear Nanoha say “kagen” which means “lower”… *cough* And “doki doki” as most of us already know, means excited/heart beating fast. You can all go ahead and imagine how I originally translated that line… ^^;;

Second Commercial:

Nanoha: Um, Fate-chan?
Fate: What’s wrong, Nanoha?
Nanoha: Not “What’s wrong?”! I’m nearly crushed by being under Fate-chan! And there’s no way I’ll be caught by being here!
Fate: Even if you put it that way, it was the store owner who placed us this way, not me.
Nanoha: To think Fate-chan’s popularity would be in effect here…
Fate: I wonder if I’ll be the main character in chibi-fied world.
Nanoha: Let’s go, Raising Heart! No matter what the popularity, I won’t lose!
Fate: I have a dream to fulfill. I want people to catch me and then allow me to sit on their (car’s) dashboard!
Nanoha: As for me, I want people to sit me in the backseat!
Fate: They can put me on their tables…!
Nanoha: Or put me next to a shrine…!
(Kasumi: EH!?)
Fate&Nanoha: Riding on our dreams after the catch…!

Fate: We’ll be waiting together.
Nanoha: Lyrical miracle! Arriving in late August.
Fate: Odoroki Premium.
Nanoha: Tanoshii Prize.
Fate: For more information, go to Ichiban Kuji CLUB.
Fate: Nanoha.
Nanoha: Un!
Fate&Nanoha: Together now… BANPRESTO!

I laughed so hard when watching the commercial. I’m definitely keeping this one. XDD

And yeah~ Yukari is the best when it comes to baby/toddler talk. XDD

In dire need of sleep now… Watch me dream about this and laugh in my sleep. ^^;;

By the way, translation subject to heavy editing when I’m more awake. XP


15 comments on “Best Nanoha Commercial ever [MSLN, Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari]

  1. Wah~ Thanks so for translating. orz
    I’ve been re-watching this when I’m not re-watching the YukaNana duet, rofl. Such an awesome CM.

  2. Thanks a bunch for sharing this. It made a somewhat crappy day end up on a funny note. XDD
    Is it wrong that I totally get why you thought your mind had fallen into the gutter? XDUUU

    • Hilarious CMs such as this one have the power to Starlight Breaker any crappiness that have accumulated throughout the day into tiny little pieces. XD I’m not making sense, I know. XD And you’re welcome. :3
      I-It’s not my fault. ;_;
      Wait, so does that mean your mind momentarily fell into the gutter too? XD *runs*

      • It does have that power! couldn’t stop laughing for a good about 5 minutes.XD It kinda makes sense, I mean… the Starlight Breaker is known for its power, right? (not to mention it is the ultimate “befriending” method =P)
        ehh.. maybe? XDD *flees*

  3. eh……wow….nice Commercial lol!!!!! XD
    i think pp will confrim will buy it but may have nosebleed after watching this XP lol XD

    • I do too. ;_;
      But I think the figurines are extremely expensive (with it being so detailed and all). OTL
      The plushies would be cheaper, except it’ll likely require multiple tries before you get both. Unless you’re really good with the UFO Catch Machines. :3

  4. Too cute… so cute… and so… true…
    LOL that scene of Nanoha being under Fate, is just… wrong. =)) =)) I laughed so hard when I watched it too! XD
    Thank you so much Kasumi-san! And yes I agree, Yukarin’s baby talk during the Radio StrikerS batsu game part at the end is so cute… I died. XD!!
    have a pleasant sleep~~

    • As cute as the figures/plushies are, because of this CM, the only thing I think of now when I see them is “hilarity.” XDD
      Hahaha! My mind was too taken in by that other line that I don’t consider “being under Fate” to be much of an issue (in comparison). XDD

      • I know~ Whenever I see them on stores, now I’ll go and grin by myself and people would look at me. xD!
        The sekushi line eh? Well yes, the closest lines we would hear of ‘Takamachi Nanoha’ calling Fate-chan sexy. =3 xD

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