Innocent Starter x Little Wish – Hajimarimasu [Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari, MSLN]

I personally really liked how Tomokazu Sugita described this performance.
“The miraculous collaboration.”


There is something about seeing the names 水樹奈々 and 田村ゆかり under the words “Innocent starter” that makes me grin uncontrollably. Most likely due to the fact that fans (especially Nanoha fans) have been waiting far too long to hear the two sing these songs.

^Nana-san looks good in black. Yup. That was my first thought when she walked on stage. XDD

The camera then pans to Yukarin entering the stage on the other side. :3 That’s a cute top.

Hey, I just realised that even their shoes are yellow/pink. XD Anyway, yeah, if you didn’t read my post yesterday/haven’t made the connection yet, the black-yellow combination that Nana-san is wearing represents Fate, whereas the pink (for Yukarin) represents Nanoha. :3

About the actual performance now… Yukari-san, it’s yume no naka ni not yume no naka he… ;_; Though I suppose, since both make grammatical sense, it was an easy mistake to make…
Overall, I loved the performance. Would’ve been better if Yukarin got a few more solo lines during Innocent starter (and Nana-san more during Little Wish ~lyrical step~), but I’m happy as it is. I’ve always wanted to hear them duet Innocent starter and they’ve done it, so what more can I ask for?

Aside from the fact that Innocent starter is one of my all-time favourite songs, when Nana-san wrote the lyrics, she wrote it in a way to capture Nanoha and Fate’s respective feelings. That’s why I always wanted them to sing this song as a duet. I wanted to know how it’d sound like. :3

Moving on now…

^I keep wondering what Yukarin’s hand motion there was. I think she was counting/trying to get Nana-san’s attention so they won’t miss the opening beat, but… honestly? My initial thought was that she was going to hold Nana-san’s hand. XDDD

^They sure look like they’re enjoying themselves. 😀

^The light effects were awesome. The way they made it swirl under their feet reminds me of Fate’s transmutation — oops, wrong series XD magic circle. Either way, it just looked cool.

And then…

^Shyly reaching out? XD

^I guess they know what their fans want to see… ^^;;
Nonetheless, cute moment. A great way to end it off. :3
But I think the Nanoha Movie 1st Opening Stage Greeting moment was cuter, but I’ll leave that for another day. :3


15 comments on “Innocent Starter x Little Wish – Hajimarimasu [Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari, MSLN]

  1. Yes, they definitely needed more solo lines, but after several years of waiting, this performance is more than I could have hoped for =3. Especially considering their animelo performance two years ago (such a tease)
    And of course they had to go and tease the fans with the hand holding/color combination combo. XD

    • *nods* Exactly. And their animelo performance was very cute. The Ano ne ~Mamimume Mogacho~ song fits Yukarin’s voice/singing style perfectly in my opinion. :3
      The colour combination took me by surprise. I didn’t think they’d think about that.
      And hand holding. Haha. I was expecting it though. XDD

      • Cute indeed :D. It caught me totally off-guard though, I really was expecting something Nanoha-related (just like this performance XD).
        Pink’s pretty much Yukarin’s color, but I believe Nana’s choice was totally on purpose. After all, she’s the one who makes the most ‘serious’/supportive comments about NanoFate. Yukarin on the other part, just… goes along with it from time to time =P. At least that’s my impression from some interviews, and comments they made in one of the StrikerS DVD extras (it’s been a while since I watched this though, so I could be wrong).

  2. I love how Sugita always manages to sound like a fan himself (and oftentimes he really is one! 🙂 whenever he’s narrating for anime-related things. :DDDD It already sounds really epic once he said that!
    Again, wonderful performance! *~*
    Although I don’t mind Nanoha/Fate, I’m not a NanaxYukarin fan, but the handholding was really really cute. :333

    • Yup, he often times is a fan himself. He’s a real otaku too. XDD
      I’m like that as well. Well, in my case, I actually support NanoFate (credit goes to Nana-san there XD), but no, not their seiyuu. ^^;; I like how they behave cutely/tease each other when they’re together though. XD
      I seldom ship real people. XDD In fact, track record is zero in that department so far. XDD

  3. I keep watching this over and over and not doing anything productive lately…. orz
    >> Yukari-san, it’s yume no naka ni not yume no naka he… ;_; Though I suppose, since both make grammatical sense, it was an easy mistake to make…
    Ah, you forget that Yukarin messes up lyrics/reading all the time~ 世界一かわいいよ~

    • Hey you. Haven’t seen you in a while. :3
      You’re not the only one constantly re-watching it… OTL
      Err… Rather than forget, I actually… didn’t know that. ^^;; You see, I don’t watch Yukarin’s live very often… ^^;; *runs*

      • Sorry, sorry, I’ve been so busy with other things I haven’t checked a lot of sites like I used to. orz wussup y0
        Wonder how Nana felt during the wotagei for Little Wish. I think those were the loudest shouts during the show.
        Ah, I kind of forget which Nana fan is also a Yukarin fan. Yukarin messes up quite a bit on radio, but she’s messed up nearly half of the times she’s performed Little Wish — she’s cried at least 3 times performing the song, iirc.

  4. The loudest shout from fans came when they were holding holding each other’s hand and I noticed that there was fangirls’ scream. I would be one of them if I were there XD
    Please Nana and Yukarin, do it again in Anisama this year. I want more NanoFate duet XD

  5. Too happy now I can sleep peacefully. xD!
    When did this air? XD!! Lil ‘ol me wants to see too. *nosebleeds
    The two of them just knows how to please their fans. XD! Now I’m grinning and I can’t stop it!! DX!
    Now I’m excited about the Nanoha Movie 1st OP Stage Greeting =3
    I hope you can post it soon~ DX!
    And please let Yukarin go~~ It’s part of her charm to make mistakes on lyrics. =3 Even in her own songs. xD!

    • This duet part (along with their individual live portion) aired on August 8th — on Music Japan Anisong SP3 Part 2.
      Yeah, they have to power to do that, make people grin uncontrollably like an idiot. Don’t worry, they did that to me too. XDD
      Working on the Stage Greeting…! Almost done~ ^_^

      • Oh, I thought it was on the 23rd. Fail’d xD! But when does the full version would air? xD! There’s such a thing… right? xD!
        They made us grin uncontrollably like idiots… well not that we don’t like it anyway. XD!
        Yay~~ I can’t wait. =3

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