Innocent Starter x Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~ [Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari, MSLN]


I cannot wipe this stupid grin off my face after watching the duet between Mizuki Nana and Tamura Yukari. XDDD

Ok, yeah, they’ve sang a duet before on Anisama, BUT!

They sang Innocent Starter and Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~ this time! The first Nanoha opening and ending!!!!!

*breathes in deeply* Maybe I should go calm down before I start rambling incoherently.

Screenshots when I get a higher quality version, because Nana-san in black looks good. :3 Yukarin was wearing pink, whereas Nana was black and yellow… Nanoha and Fate colours respectively. šŸ˜€


18 comments on “Innocent Starter x Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~ [Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari, MSLN]

        I’M JUST CLOSING MY EYES NOW AND -LISTENING-. I have to open them and rewatch later to view the awesomeness of course šŸ˜€
        tysm! ā¤

        • I was wondering how you managed to finish watching it so quickly. XD I began re-watching it as soon as I replied to your comment. The video isn’t even done yet, and I already got an alert from you. XDD
          I’ll link the HQ version when I get my hands on it. :3 You can watch/listen to it more then. XDD
          By the way, I’ve been having NanoFate-related dreams two days in a row. XDDD

          • XD IDK how the heck you find these things.
            Eh, I’ve replayed it 10 times already and still I haven’t gotten to Little Wish cos Innocent Starter is so epic I have to hear it over and over! o_O
            I’ve been having LOADS of action dreams, last night was me and guns and escaping hordes of people, was ehhh-pic. ^^
            I think this is time for you to write your dreams down >:D

            • I stalk forums and YouTube? XDD
              What? O_O You should get to Little Wish. Scary fan calls at one point. XDD
              I always dream that I’m the one being shot/hurt/running away, but I see you somehow usually are the one with the powers/weapons.
              Don’t feel like it. >D It was fluff, and I can’t write fluff because it feels weird. XP
              Might translate a small NanoFate conversation between Yukari and Nana though… Since that was what likely caused the dreams. ^^;;

    • Thanks for the link! Still waiting for the HD quality version though, but that should tie me over until then.
      The duet was the only thing I was looking forward to, so I’m quite satisfied already. :3

  1. Watched the show already (used the same link as the comment above). I really like Nanoha medley. Yukarin can sing Innocent Starter very well (though she got only a few solo verses) and Nana is also good in Little Wish. Their costumes are cute, too, and I know that they matched Nanoha and Fate’s colours XD
    There is also a NanoFate voice act after the medley. šŸ˜€

    • Considering the lyrics to Innocent Starter were originally alternating between Nanoha and Fate’s point of view, the song feels that much better as a duet.
      Haven’t watched the full thing yet (had to leave after watching only yhe duet part through that link — replying using my phone right now XD). Now you’ve got me looking forward to the voice acting part now XD

      • It’s only a very shot part. Yukarin said “Raising Heart onegai” with Nanoha’s voice, then “Music Japan Anisong SP3” with Nana and Nana said “Hajimarimasu” with Fate’s voice.

        • Ah, yes, I watched it! Thanks.
          Kind of interesting to see the contrast between the two as they said the lines. One was so serious while the other was all smiles. XD
          Then again, that’s Fate when she’s being professional. :3

  2. alkfjalksjf; been waiting for this ever since I read about it. :33333
    Will go watch it now. :DDD
    /EDIT: slfkjlaksjfla just finished watching it. I love the enthu fans, lol! *___* The duet was awesome, the Nana live was really good as well, even if I don’t like the song. :DD
    Sugita Tomokazu was the narrator!!! afkjas;lkjl;ksjfklsjlkasjf;sakjfas;skljf;akljf;la

    • Me too! Ever since knowing about the duet, I’ve been waiting for it.
      The sudden loud roar near the beginning of Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~ made me laugh.
      I know!! Sugita was the narrator for the first part (that aired last week) as well (in which case, in a few instances, he sounded so professional that I forgot it was him — not this week though XD).

      • :DD
        LOL, yes, I laughed at that bit too. 8DD
        Yea I realised that after, haha! At first while watching Nana’s live report on Music Japan I thought the narrator’s voice sounded familiar. But I didn’t think it could really be Sugita. :DD He’s always fun to listen to. Like this MGS radio Sugita and Nana did:
        Of course I couldn’t understand much, but the few bits I caught made me laugh. <3333

        • I remember that MGS radio! Because Nana-san wrote about it on her blog, I stalked the official KazuRadio blog for the downloadable version (but that was a while back). ^^;;
          It had a lot more hilarity potential than what actually took place, in my opinion. But it’s been a while, maybe I should re-listen to it again some time. :3

          • Haha! Somehow Sugita always manages to drag Nakamura into his conversations. :DD
            It seems that Nana was rather comfortable talking with Sugita; no awkward pauses at all or too many ‘hai’s in response, lol! Although I think Sugita did throw in some unexpected comments from time to time?

            • Shows how good friends they are? XDD
              Considering how Nana-san did once say that Sugita is one of her best male seiyuu friends, it’s only natural for her to be comfortable around him. :3 Apparently, he often texts/e-mails her (weird) messages or something. XDD Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be from Sugita if it wasn’t weird/unexpected. XDD

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