Innocent Starter x Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~ [Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari, MSLN]


I cannot wipe this stupid grin off my face after watching the duet between Mizuki Nana and Tamura Yukari. XDDD

Ok, yeah, they’ve sang a duet before on Anisama, BUT!

They sang Innocent Starter and Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~ this time! The first Nanoha opening and ending!!!!!

*breathes in deeply* Maybe I should go calm down before I start rambling incoherently.

Screenshots when I get a higher quality version, because Nana-san in black looks good. :3 Yukarin was wearing pink, whereas Nana was black and yellow… Nanoha and Fate colours respectively. šŸ˜€


18 comments on “Innocent Starter x Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~ [Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari, MSLN]

        I’M JUST CLOSING MY EYES NOW AND -LISTENING-. I have to open them and rewatch later to view the awesomeness of course šŸ˜€
        tysm! ā¤

        • I was wondering how you managed to finish watching it so quickly. šŸ˜„ I began re-watching it as soon as I replied to your comment. The video isn’t even done yet, and I already got an alert from you. XDD
          I’ll link the HQ version when I get my hands on it. :3 You can watch/listen to it more then. XDD
          By the way, I’ve been having NanoFate-related dreams two days in a row. XDDD

          • šŸ˜„ IDK how the heck you find these things.
            Eh, I’ve replayed it 10 times already and still I haven’t gotten to Little Wish cos Innocent Starter is so epic I have to hear it over and over! o_O
            I’ve been having LOADS of action dreams, last night was me and guns and escaping hordes of people, was ehhh-pic. ^^
            I think this is time for you to write your dreams down >:D

            • I stalk forums and YouTube? XDD
              What? O_O You should get to Little Wish. Scary fan calls at one point. XDD
              I always dream that I’m the one being shot/hurt/running away, but I see you somehow usually are the one with the powers/weapons.
              Don’t feel like it. >D It was fluff, and I can’t write fluff because it feels weird. XP
              Might translate a small NanoFate conversation between Yukari and Nana though… Since that was what likely caused the dreams. ^^;;

    • Thanks for the link! Still waiting for the HD quality version though, but that should tie me over until then.
      The duet was the only thing I was looking forward to, so I’m quite satisfied already. :3

  1. Watched the show already (used the same link as the comment above). I really like Nanoha medley. Yukarin can sing Innocent Starter very well (though she got only a few solo verses) and Nana is also good in Little Wish. Their costumes are cute, too, and I know that they matched Nanoha and Fate’s colours šŸ˜„
    There is also a NanoFate voice act after the medley. šŸ˜€

    • Considering the lyrics to Innocent Starter were originally alternating between Nanoha and Fate’s point of view, the song feels that much better as a duet.
      Haven’t watched the full thing yet (had to leave after watching only yhe duet part through that link — replying using my phone right now XD). Now you’ve got me looking forward to the voice acting part now šŸ˜„

      • It’s only a very shot part. Yukarin said “Raising Heart onegai” with Nanoha’s voice, then “Music Japan Anisong SP3” with Nana and Nana said “Hajimarimasu” with Fate’s voice.

        • Ah, yes, I watched it! Thanks.
          Kind of interesting to see the contrast between the two as they said the lines. One was so serious while the other was all smiles. šŸ˜„
          Then again, that’s Fate when she’s being professional. :3

  2. alkfjalksjf; been waiting for this ever since I read about it. :33333
    Will go watch it now. :DDD
    /EDIT: slfkjlaksjfla just finished watching it. I love the enthu fans, lol! *___* The duet was awesome, the Nana live was really good as well, even if I don’t like the song. :DD
    Sugita Tomokazu was the narrator!!! afkjas;lkjl;ksjfklsjlkasjf;sakjfas;skljf;akljf;la

    • Me too! Ever since knowing about the duet, I’ve been waiting for it.
      The sudden loud roar near the beginning of Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~ made me laugh.
      I know!! Sugita was the narrator for the first part (that aired last week) as well (in which case, in a few instances, he sounded so professional that I forgot it was him — not this week though XD).

      • :DD
        LOL, yes, I laughed at that bit too. 8DD
        Yea I realised that after, haha! At first while watching Nana’s live report on Music Japan I thought the narrator’s voice sounded familiar. But I didn’t think it could really be Sugita. :DD He’s always fun to listen to. Like this MGS radio Sugita and Nana did:
        Of course I couldn’t understand much, but the few bits I caught made me laugh. <3333

        • I remember that MGS radio! Because Nana-san wrote about it on her blog, I stalked the official KazuRadio blog for the downloadable version (but that was a while back). ^^;;
          It had a lot more hilarity potential than what actually took place, in my opinion. But it’s been a while, maybe I should re-listen to it again some time. :3

          • Haha! Somehow Sugita always manages to drag Nakamura into his conversations. :DD
            It seems that Nana was rather comfortable talking with Sugita; no awkward pauses at all or too many ‘hai’s in response, lol! Although I think Sugita did throw in some unexpected comments from time to time?

            • Shows how good friends they are? XDD
              Considering how Nana-san did once say that Sugita is one of her best male seiyuu friends, it’s only natural for her to be comfortable around him. :3 Apparently, he often texts/e-mails her (weird) messages or something. XDD Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be from Sugita if it wasn’t weird/unexpected. XDD

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