Shachou Kouen Complete Version & Shachou Kouen the 2nd!? [Mizuki Nana]

Just because it’s Odaiba Memorial does not mean I’ve forgotten about Nana-san. :3

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第435回【デジラジ音源】

This week, Nana-san mainly speaks about Live Games Red and Blue Stage.

What I found to be particularly interesting is the “opening video.” As she wrote on her blog (and as the fans who attended the live would know), it was in full CG that closely resembled a video game opening. They got the Wild Arms producer to help them on it, who (along with his team) completed the opening scene in 2 months even though it normally would take them half a year to do something like that.
It was very detailed, down to the quality of the video. “Do you want it to be PSP, PS2 or PS3 quality?” To which Nana-san decided to go with PS2. XD

Anyway, jumping onto the big news that was announced this week (but already known to fans who attended the concert)… NANA CLIPS 5 is coming soon! It will include everything after Trickster. But that’s not the only thing — Bonus: Mizuki Nana Koma Gekijou Shachou Kouen Complete Version.

Remember how Koma Gekijou Shachou Kouen was performed 3 times? But we only got 1 performance on the DVD that came with Ultimate Diamond? And it happened to be the performance without Misato? Well, on the NANA CLIPS 5 Complete Version, we’ll be seeing another version. Since Misato was in 2 of the 3 performances, and we already got the version where she was not in it, I think it will be safe to say we’ll be seeing her in the Complete Version. XD

But the news does not end there!

Mizuki Nana Shachou Kouen the 2nd!
at Nakano Sun Plaza

Date has yet to be decided, but it will for sure be taking place. They’re currently in the process of writing the script.

And of course, since this is Smile-Gang, Nana-san pressures Misato to be there on the day of the opening. XD

Nana: Misato, I’m sure your schedule will be okay? You’ll be there?
Misato: Hm? Ah!
Nana: I’ll be having a chat with Masuko-san (Nana-san’s manager) to make sure you’re free for that day.
Misato: I’ll probably be free, but whether I’ll be appearing (be a part of the show) is another matter.
Nana: Well, yeah. Haha. There is the possibility you’ll be on the backstage on standby.

^Oi. That’s kind of mean, isn’t it, Nana-san? Even if you are simply joking. ^^;;

And finally, we have a tentative(?) title for the Orchestral Live that is going to take place on January 22nd and 23rd of next year (2011) that was mentioned in the previous post. As of now, it is known as: Mizuki Nana – Full Orchestra Symphonic Concert

Along with the book, looks like there will be a bunch of things to burn a hole in our wallets look forward to. ^^;;


11 comments on “Shachou Kouen Complete Version & Shachou Kouen the 2nd!? [Mizuki Nana]

  1. With many incoming Nana-related stuffs and having to save money for her orchestral live and japan trip next year, I feel very sorry for my poor wallet. I will be broke until next year. DX
    Nana’s pressuring Misato is cute. Misato is playing hard to get this time XD.
    Anyway, I haven’t thanked you yet for allowing me to post the link of your articles in my twitter account. Thank you 😀

    • Nana-related stuff will continue to come even next year, so I don’t think our wallets will be getting break at all (at least not until we’re completely broke). >.<"
      And be sure to stay alert of ticket information. Since Yokohama Arena does not sit nearly as many people as Seibu Dome, tickets will likely sell out fast when it becomes available (but that won’t be in another couple of months).
      Misato is always playing hard to get. XD
      And you’re welcome. ;3

  2. *hearty eyes!!* so many big news lol XD
    eh i didnt no she perform 3 time in Koma Gekijou Shachou Kouen O_O? ah…oh well at least full show is coming soon hehe..!!
    also cant wait to hear Nana’s Orchestra Concert!!! i love Orchestra alot!! *higher than the rock type way* ^_^

    • Too many. XD
      She did 3 shows on the same day. The storyline is the same, but they’ll all likely differ somehow due to Sugita Tomokazu and Suzumura Kenichi’s impromptu acts. XD
      The Orchestral Symphonic Concert will undoubtedly be a new experience for Nana-san and her fans. :3

  3. My wallet is already scared, but that complete version sounds really tempting, Misato is really funny. XD but with the other releases coming, I think I’m gonna wait until they at least give us a release date for the book and Live Games (this one should be around december right?).

    • *nods* I probably will get NANA CLIPS 5 just for the Complete Version. As you mentioned, Misato can be hilarious, and I’d like to see more of Sugita Tomokazu and Suzumura Kenichi’s random, not-part-of-script lines that they come up with on the spot. XD
      I’m pretty sure the book will be released some time this year (with it being something to “celebrate her 10 year CD debut”). And yeah, Live Games (and I’m going to guess Live Academy as well) will likely be coming in December. Christmas present from Nana-san again — even though we’re paying. XD;;

      • Definitely. And watching it is just a 100% better than just listening to it on Smile Gang XD I just hope we really get to see the whole thing. Even though I can’t really complain about Impact Exciter DVD (yeah, finally got my copy! :3) I kinda was hopping to see the FC event where she did that Fate cosplay.
        At least we can’t complain about the quality of the releases. Especially the 1st press, which is usually outstanding.
        Hope everything gets released around the same time. But it’d make the perfect Christmas present right? =D even if as you say, we’re paying the whole thing(s) XD

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