CD Debut 10 Year Anniversary – Nana Book Release [Mizuki Nana, translation]

水樹奈々>西武ドームライブ 2日間で5万5000人動員 CDデビュー10年目「奈々本も出ます」

^I just read that on Yahoo!News.

Nana-san is writing a book. :O
And she’s also going to be doing an orchestral live in January 22 and 23 in 2011.

Here’s a little excerpt from the news article:

「さらに、水樹さんはライブ中に、CDデビュー10年目を記念して、「水樹奈々本が出ます!」とファンに報告。「これまでのいろいろな気持ちとみんなへの感謝を文章にしています。10年分の思いを楽しみに待っていてください」と呼び掛けた。また、アンコール中のでは「11年1月22と23日に、横浜アリーナで、初のフルオーケストラライブが実現します」とサプライズで発表、「オーケストラの方に、しっとりしたのも激しいのも(笑い)どっちもオッケーと言われてます。みんな来てね!」とアピールした。 (毎日新聞デジタル)」

During the live, she told her fans that "Mizuki Nana is going to release a book!" to celebrate her 10 year anniversary since CD debut. "All the feelings and gratitude I have felt up until now are being put into written form. Please look forward to reading my 10 years worth of thoughts."
Also, during the encore, she made a surprise announcement of "On January 22nd and 23rd of 2011, I will be doing a full orchestral live at Yokohama Arena. They say it will be okay to go moderate or extreme (laughs). Everyone please come!" (Mainich Shimbun Digital)

That is one book I am definitely buying. (≧ω≦)/


12 comments on “CD Debut 10 Year Anniversary – Nana Book Release [Mizuki Nana, translation]

  1. Nana will release a book? It’s intersting. I think I’ll buy it, too.
    About orchestral live at Yokohama Arena, is it her normal winter live like Live Academy or small-scale special concert? I plan to attend Nana’s concert next year. If this one is a normal winter concert, I think I would go.
    Anyway, I stalk your blog for a while but never post until now. Do you mind if I put the link of some articles in your blog in my twitter? If you do, I’ll remove them immediately.

    • It most likely is an autobiography about herself over the last 10 years.
      I don’t doubt that it will be a very interesting read. :3
      Not much information is known about the orchestral live yet. But because it is a 2-day live and is being held at Yokohama Arena, I’m willing to bet it will be considered her normal winter concert. Then again, too much is still unknown, so we’ll have to wait for more information to come.
      Anyway, it’s nice to meet you! I’m glad you decided to post. ;3 And go ahead with posting the links. I don’t mind. 😀

  2. *_* oooo…Nana-chan is going to write a book for her 10years anniversary?!?!O_O YA!!! ^_^
    waaaaa…Orchestral Live i will look forward to that ^_^

    • Although there is not much information at the moment, I’m pretty sure, from the sounds of it, that it is an autobiography. :3
      Yup, we’ll all be looking forward to the orchestral live… Too bad I won’t be anywhere near Japan around that time… |||OTL

  3. wonder how many years it will take me to fully read/understand that book lol.
    but will definitely buy it no matter what (and since I’m starting learning seriously japanese next year. it’s not too bad)

    • I’m more curious as to how many pages the book will actually have. XD
      I see the book will be great learning/motivational material for your Japanese learning. :3
      Who knows, maybe it’ll end up being more useful than any textbook. XDD

    • “Stupid cute bird.” What a way to describe it. XDD
      But I’m almost sure it’ll find its way to the book somehow. Whether it’ll appear on the cover flaps or back cover or some less obvious places (or as you said, some randomly placed small drawings), we’re very likely to be seeing it. XDD

    • Now why didn’t I think about the potential expensive price tag attached to the book before you mentioned anything about it…? ^^;;
      I don’t doubt that it will be an awesome orchestral live. 😀
      And you’re welcome. ;3

      • Maybe it’d be better if we try not to think about the price and focus on the idea that the book is written by Nana, which means it’ll be worth it, no matter the price? ^^U
        even if books are actually quite expensive 😦
        Yep, the live should be great, hope it gets a DVD/Blu ray release at some point. 😀

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