Agematsu Mika’s Letter on Bay FM ON8 [Mizuki Nana, translation]

Since I’m not in Japan to go to the Live Games Red Stage & Blue Stage, I took the time to find/read/listen/watch as many Mizuki Nana-related stuff as possible.
Actually no, the truth is that I’ve been very stressed, and this is how I deal with it.

So I listened to Bay FM ON8 (July 6th broadcast). A little outdated, I know, but I didn’t see any uploads of the broadcast until yesterday. The ON8 radio program does not usually reveal much of what we don’t already know, but we’re in for a treat this time. Because they’ve got Agematsu Mika’s letter to Mizuki Nana (begins at 33:17 — radio host is the one reading, not Mika).

It was very touching, and so I’ve taken the time to translate it.

Daisuki na Nana-chan*,
It will soon be July 7th! The release of the new album has got me very excited. I’m really looking forward to it.

Thank you for singing and writing wonderful lyrics to the song I have composed. Our rainy trip to Yufuin acted as the trigger to the creation of this song. It was during our delicious breakfast when we said, “It’d be great to create a song together one day!” To think our dream would come true so quickly, I am very happy. A while ago, we went to Nagano together too. It rained quite a bit that time as well. You fearfully came up to me and asked, “Mika-chan? Are you, maybe, ameonna**?” But when night came, the rain suddenly stopped. Moonlight and starlight peaked through in between the clouds and shone upon us. We spoke of many things as we gazed at the star-filled sky… I wonder if you still remember it? We were both very touched by the sight.

A song for the album that is to be released on July 7th. When I heard about that, the image of that night sky rose in my mind, and the song came to me. Because I’ve always expressed my feelings through music, I always had trouble when it came to words. That’s why, when I read Nana-chan’s completed lyrics, I was very surprised. Our thoughts and image of the song was the same. It must have been fate. Thanks to the lyrics you have written, the song itself has taught me many important things. This is not the first time, but you always gave me the power I needed. No matter who you are with, that gentle smile and the way you hold yourself, is very encouraging. Please continue to shine brightly for everyone. I’ll always support you.

My meeting with Nana-chan will forever be a treasured moment. Itsumo arigatou***

Agematsu Mika

* Daisuki na = beloved
** ameonna = legend has it that there was a woman who can command rain at will
*** Itsumo arigatou = always, thank you — it is the last line in 七月七日

I apologize for awkward sounding lines. It’s been a while since I last translated anything.

And the BGM playing in the background as the letter was read should sound familiar to all Nana fans. If it doesn’t, bop yourself on the head with something. It is Agematsu Mika-san’s cover of SUPER GENERATION found on her Arco iris ~虹~ album. :3

16 comments on “Agematsu Mika’s Letter on Bay FM ON8 [Mizuki Nana, translation]

  1. Mika-san is so sweet. ;_; Seems like she and Nana-san has an understanding that no one can compete to.
    July 7th is such a wonderful song filled with wonderful feelings. Knowing the background to such song, makes it have more emotional feelings and more deep meanings, even though the lyrics are very easy to understand. It made me cry a lot of times because of different reasons. Even if that’s what happened, it also soothed my soul.
    @_@ Amazing harpist with Amazing Singer, what can anyone look for anyway? >_<!
    And I hope you can get rid of your stress soon, faito Kasumi-san! =D

    • Probably because they think of each other as almost like family… Which would then make this song a family production. XD
      I especially loved the live version sung on Wednesday J-Pop. I really felt the emotions then. :3

      • Yes, the King Records Family Production, it’s really awesome ;_;
        Yes, I really really really loved it too. The violinists are very awesome too. xD! Such emotions ;_; so pure.

    • *nods nods*
      I especially loved the line, “My meeting with Nana-chan will forever be a treasured moment. Itsumo arigatou.”
      Reading over my own translation, I really liked how Mika managed to combine all the feelings of excitement, surprise, sentimentality, gratitude, and humour all in one letter. :3

  2. Awww…Mika’s letter is so sweet and touching. They surely are very close to each other.
    However, if Mika hasn’t married already, this would be another Mizuki Nana’s yuri session since the letter is somewhat feel like…love letter XD

    • “another Mizuki Nana’s yuri session”
      ^The way you describe it is hilarious. XD But considering the “love” Mika put into the letter, I can understand why you’d feel that way. XD

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