Highschool Photo [Mizuki Nana]

Apparently, the photo has been circulated on the internet for a few MONTHS now, but in case there are people like myself who had never seen this photo until today…


This photo was uploaded to 2ch and subsequently spread across the internet. Judging from the sign, this is a class photo in June of 1997. Looks like Domoto Tsuyoshi from KinKi Kids was already really popular amongst the girls back then. XD

But of course, the reason I’m posting this picture up isn’t because Domoto Tsuyoshi.
Yes, Nana-san is in the photo. :3
Can you find her? XD

Second girl on the right from the sign in the center. The one making the peace sign/victory sign in the second row. XD

On an unrelated, my copy of IMPACT EXCITER arrived! 😀 The DVD was definitely worth the wait. She was so cute and funny. More on that when I’ve gathered my thoughts properly. XDD;;


14 comments on “Highschool Photo [Mizuki Nana]

    • Yup. I can only agree. XDD
      It was my aunt who first alerted me to this photo. She was on some j-drama/k-drama forum when she saw this.
      I checked out the Mizuki Nana tieba and the Unofficial HK Nana FC forum right after to try to get more info, and that’s where I found out that the photo has been available since March (probably even earlier?). ^^;;
      Anyway, I am pretty sure it was circulated among Tsuyoshi’s fans first before it got to the Nana fans though. ^^;;

  1. Saw a LQ version of this a couple days ago, she really hasn’t change much, has she? XD
    Glad to hear the DVD is worth watching :D, now I can’t wait for my copy to get here. Nana’s randomness (or cuteness XD) is always welcomed. :3

  2. I didn’t even looked for Domoto Tsuyoshi. xD! I looked at Nana when I saw the pic. She hasn’t change much, except for her bangs. xD!
    Is this some sort of a graduation picture? or something? xD!
    Well this is the first time I’ve seen it. Epic fans have epic sources. xD!

      • Yeah, xD! Tsuyoshi Doumoto is such a lucky guy. >_>!
        Maybe it’s from a trip or something. xD! Makes me wonder why Nana and Tsuyoshi Doumoto doesn’t talk or don’t have news that their friends or something (even if they’re in different fields), given that they were high school classmates, nyahaha~ Well I think that’s for the best too. >D
        No I’m starting to wonder how fans got this image. xD!

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