Red & Blue Express [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第432回【ネット音源】

Nothing big or hilarious this week (except for the beginning little bit where Nana-san had to “speak in a weird voice”). In short, this week was very calm as they were mainly talking about the “giant Nana poster,” the birth of Impact Exciter (in the words of Nana-san “a healthy child weighing 16 songs” XD), and of course, the main highlight is the revelation of…

Red Express & Blue Express

Yeah, the trains that passengers can ride on the days of the concert (to Seibu Dome) have been named. More information can be found on the main site here.
Not the most original of names, especially because it was Diamond Express last time, but I don’t think anyone will care. XD

And much like what they did on Diamond Express, there will be a Smile-Gang Special Broadcast on the Red & Blue Express. 😛

Now back to stressing over course selection… Argh…


6 comments on “Red & Blue Express [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Oh~ I didn’t know anything about this. xD! but hey, now I do!
    I’m still banned from sumairu gangu until the end of midterms. ;_; (I ban myself from Nana-sama distractions) XD!
    And course selection? Like College course selection? or something…? Well I hope you have plentiful of rest so you can get rid of your stres =] Faito Kasumi-san!

    • Smile-Gang relieves stress for me, so I listen to it even during midterms. But of course, staying away from distractions is the correct choice. All the more to look forward to after your midterms. :3
      And yes, university course selection. Thanks!

      • Well I agree about that, but, I am being careful as to my mind might get swept up and… forget what I am supposed to be doing, exactly. XD! Yes~ One more day and… I can go fangirling again~ =33333
        Oh, Uni Course selection, well I guess what’s best is to go for, you like doing best! =D Like since you like writing for us, why not take up Writing, or something? XD! Do your best Kasumi-san! =D

  2. Nana really knows how to describe an album, couldn’t stop laughing at that. XD
    oh, and good luck with the whole course selection thing! I’m struggling with that, too.

    • Heh, indeed. XD
      A proud parent to the album. XDD
      Thanks! Things didn’t go over as well as I would’ve liked though… (Course enrolment was today). And now I’m worried but there’s not much I can do.
      Hope things go over well for you!

      • Yep, just wasn’t expecting something so literal. XDD
        :S Hope you’re able to work something out! It just sucks when things don’t go as planned…
        Thank you very much! 😀

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