Wednesday J-Pop – July 7th [Mizuki Nana]

I suspect all YouTube links are taken down by now so I’m not going to even bother with it.
So have a screenshot instead. 😀 Unfortunately, not HQ, but this is all I have. ._.


^Nana-san performed live on Wednesday J-Pop on July 7th. The day IMPACT EXCITER was released.
I’m sure the words are clear enough to see, but yes, she sang NEXT ARCADIA. Unsurprisingly, I like the song even more after seeing this live version. Watching Nana-san enjoy herself on stage while singing… It (in)directly reminds me of all the reasons why I admire her.

But I’m not going to go into those reasons because if i did, this post will turn out to be a ten thousand words essay. XD Thus, I’ll stick with talking about the mini-live Nana-san performed on Wednesday J-pop; 5 songs, all performed amazingly well, but one fell just a tiny bit short.

After opening with NEXT ARCADIA (which was a great energetic performance), she greeted her fans and introduced Akimitsu Homma as the keyboardist.

Oddly enough, the song she sang next was Justice to Believe. I don’t quite understand why she’d perform that song, but it could simply be because it’s among her more well-known songs? ^^;;

Then it was Silent Bible. This one didn’t come as a surprise, because Silent Bible is a song on IMPACT EXCITER. As expected it was a good, consistent performance.

Following that up would be one of the fan favourites, ETERNAL BLAZE. Kind of interesting to hear her sing the original Nanoha A’s opening right after the Nanoha A’s -Battle of Aces- theme song. XD

…And if you’re expecting me to compliment her on a good, consistent performance again, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint.
Yeah, this one fell a little bit short. It’s nothing too big, her skills are all intact, and definitely not the first time this has happened, but it is jarring when the lyrics she sings and the lyrics that appear across the screen are different.
But of course, Nana-san is very professional in handling it (like always). Whether it is this time or all those times in Live Diamond, even when she knows she messed up the lyrics, she carries on as though nothing happened. Not all singers are able to do that, and it sets her apart in terms of professionalism. Admittedly, Nana-san probably didn’t know she got the lyrics wrong (except for the first mistake — because it was obvious even to herself), but judging from her blog post made on July 8th, I’m pretty sure she realized her second and third mistake afterward.

And then after the little break where they introduce new songs and recent singers who are in the middle of a tour, as well as reading random letters from fans asking random questions, they bring in the other special guest of the night.

Agematsu Mika.

We all saw that coming, right? XD It was July 7th and the song they collaborated on was named 7月7日 (July 7th).


^The two of them were so cute. There is no other words to describe it. Even if you don’t know Japanese, if you saw this section, I’m sure the only reaction would be “Aww~ Cute!” XDD

About the performance itself, I didn’t feel nearly as much when I heard
the CD version, but after watching the live, the way Nana-san blinked back tears during the performance, the feeling became completely different. Emotions just washed over me.

Itsumo gomen
Itsumo arigatou

The last two lines in the song, perhaps after all that happened to me today, struck me harder than usual. It’s not the first time I’ve heard the song, but there’s something about this live version this time that really brought forth the emotions. Thanks to that, my impression of the CD version will change as well. :3

To conclude this long post, Nana-san is amazing! (What else is new? XDD)


11 comments on “Wednesday J-Pop – July 7th [Mizuki Nana]

  1. I know, I almost cried at the end of the song. ;_; I was singing with it. DX!!!
    I was just gonna inform you with this video, xD! I have the full length video in HQ (or maybe HD XD), would you like it if I uploaded for you? =3 Well of course I’d upload it into DL links too if other people requested. =D (it’s just too hard to upload a big file if no one’s gonna DL it ;_; *happened lots of times*)
    I haven’t watched it whole though, and my next song to loop is now Next Arcadia, the chorus is just too catchy. I only watched the first and last part. xD! And on which songs did she get mistakes? xD! I haven’t watched the full Live Diamond myself. XD! Although there are times I didn’t notice her getting the lyrics wrong… or I’m just not believing myself. XD!

    • Thanks, but I’ll pass this time. There’s only so much I can download per month, and I don’t doubt the HD version is a very large file. I appreciate the offer though!
      The songs on IMPACT EXCITER are slowly growing on me. A few already have. :3
      You mean mistakes in Live Diamond? Because it was just ETERNAL BLAZE this time on Wednesday J-pop.
      Considering how many songs Nana-san has under her name, things like these are bound to happen. Like I said though, the important thing is that she knew how to handle it and she handled very well. :3

      • No problem there~ =3 and yes the HD ver is around 900mb. xD
        And yes I agree, I really them of course Mysterion is a given, and then Strobe Cinema, then Next Arcadia… ❤
        Yes I totally agree =3. the only mistake I noticed from Live Diamond was the one in Chinmoku no Kajitsu, xD! Quite noticeable but, she really pulled off well at the End. It was sooo worth it. ❤ Oh, then she made 3 mistakes in Eternal Blaze? Hm Hm.
        Well I forgot on which other songs she makes mistakes but, when she notices them during the performance, she just smiles and that smile makes you forget she even made that mistake. <33333333333 XD!

  2. Just finished watching the whole thing. :DDD Fantastic performance as usual, and lololol at the Eternal Blaze part. I think this is the first sign we ever saw that Nana might be overworked. :3 Although I think it’s actually easier to forget the lyrics of a song if it was written by the singer itself. She probably had a lot of thoughts and feelings while trying to pen the lyrics to Eternal Blaze, especially since all Nanoha songs lyrics are similar.
    It’s probably why Ayumi Hamasaki constantly forgets her lyrics, lol. Still, it’s quite surprising that Nana would forget the lyrics to Eternal Blaze, a song she has sung for countless times. 8D
    7月7日 was absolutely beautiful, watched it trice and will watch it again later. <333
    /edit: BTW, if you want the whole thing, there’s a torrent of it at jpopsuki.

    • Maybe. She has messed up lyrics before so I won’t say it’s the first sign.
      What I’m thinking is that it is precisely because the lyrics are written by herself and it’s a song she has sung countless times that she probably felt a little more at ease when performing. She likely focused on practicing the other songs more, which is perfectly understandable. :3
      Agreed. The emotions she poured into singing the song made it truly beautiful. ❤
      Thanks, but I’ve already got the whole thing. Just that it’s medium quality as opposed to HD. Won’t go downloading it though, since the medium quality that I have is already over 500MB. -__-;; I’ve got a limit to work with. DX

  3. for next arcadia,i tot that the song in CD version,the music was fighting with nana so it deduct some points~,but after hearing the live ver,i totally love it ❤ well,i was still very suprised tt nana made a mistake during Eternal Blaze though….but yea,she managed to pull it off 🙂

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