Mikio Mouse? XD [Mizuki Nana, seiyuu]

*twitch* What is wrong with my internet/computer/nicovideo? Why can’t I fast-forward on NicoNico anymore? D: I want to re-listen to certain parts only but I can’t do it if everything stops working as soon as I try to drag the bar… >_<;;

So relying on memory (because I can't re-listen to get confirmation)…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第431回【デジラジ音源】
The spotlight of this week’s Smile-Gang is taken by Misato. It lasted for about 3 minutes or so? But that’s more than enough. It’s the funniest part this week and, once again, I really appreciate her voice acting skills.

In the school corner, Misato plays the role of teacher (as always). To add to the fun factor, the teacher is called “Mikio” this time. From the comments (and Nana-san’s reaction), Mikio is a past character who appeared before. I have no memory of this character, so I’m guessing Mikio was from before I started listening to Smile-Gang. Anyway, I am pretty sure from the voice and the naming, this is a play on Mickey Mouse. Mikio Nezumi (Mikio Mouse). XDD Misato is awesome. But I feel so bad for her. It must be tough to keep that voice going. XD

As for what actually happened in the corner… I only have one thing to say. Smile-Gang, stop making Nana-san do activities that require ACTION. This is RADIO. We can’t SEE what she’s doing! I wonder why they keep doing that… But as Misato explained later… This is Smile-Gang after all. XD

Before the school corner though, Nana-san spoke briefly about appearing in BLT (Beautiful Lady & television). According to Nana-san, BLT is “a magazine where many female idols appear in.” The photographer of the magazine apparently has never dealt with a seiyuu before, which makes me believe that Nana-san is probably the first seiyuu to appear in BLT. Anyway, it is to be released on July 24th. Yes, Nana-san and Misato joked about all the fans having the magazine with them during the concert. XDD

Backtracking a bit, Smile-Gang 340 from last week.
水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第430回【デジラジ音源】

Nothing that really stood out in my mind except for Nana-san talking about the 食わず嫌い王 experience. It shouldn’t be hard to find the episode online. Especially considering Jaejoong [Hero] from TVXQ/DBSK was the other guest. For those who have never heard of the show, it’s basically a show where two guests appear on the show and eat a variety of dishes (a total of 4). They are to guess which dish the other dislikes while making sure the other person can’t guess which dish they don’t like.

Misato said Nana-san was really obvious (about not liking it) when eating the celery sticks. Nana-san said she tried her best to act normal and she personally think she did well in deceiving others. Misato points out all the things that would make people suspicious. Misato is more observant that I would’ve thought. ^^;;

But even without all the little details that Misato noticed, it was very obvious that Nana-san had trouble when eating celery sticks. Though I give her credit. She did act like she didn’t like her first dish either, in which case Jaejoong fell for it. XD All the staff at 食わず嫌い王 were all “Jaejoong! D: How could you not guess it was celery sticks? It was so obvious!” after he lost. XDD

Oh well, we got to see both sides embarrass themselves (even though Nana-san won), which is what viewers want to see anyway. XDD


9 comments on “Mikio Mouse? XD [Mizuki Nana, seiyuu]

  1. “Oh well, we got to see both sides embarrass themselves (even though Nana-san won), which is what viewers want to see anyway. XDD”
    食わず嫌い王 staff knows how to get audience ! XD

  2. ohhhh…!!! i get it how he guess the 1st dish lol XD anyway she look well eating on her 1st dish lol XD *baaa Jae!!! should be celery lor…*

  3. Yeah! I went ‘Well, she did a batsugame too.. well that’s Nana-san for you.’ xD! I totally laughed at her Cure Blossom imitation cause, she actually did the same exact actions!
    << guilty of watching it for Nana-san…
    Now, I shall listen to that smile-gang after my midterms. <333
    Thank you~

    • Never watched Pretty Cure and have no plans of doing so anytime soon, so I wouldn’t know. ^^;;
      Heh, I think most of us who are not DBSK fans watch it purely for Nana-san. XDD
      Good luck of those midterms!

      • XD! Well I guess I just had that kind of free time last summer. xD!
        Yes I agree~ Nana-san~~ ❤
        And Thank you, I really needed that. Facing them this monday! Q(^.^Q) bring it on~ XD!

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