Eyes on World of M [Mizuki Nana, music, doraemon]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #052 (2010,06,26)

Nana-san recommended Faye Wong’s Eyes on Me (great live version here) this week when a 15 year old sent in a letter asking her to recommend a song for sleepless nights. After the song, she explained that the 15 year old probably wouldn’t recognize this song because he would still be in kindergarten when it was first released. Nana-san said that she, herself, wasn’t even in her 20s yet when she fell in love with the song (doesn’t take a genius to figure out that she was 19 at the time then XD)…

…Okay… Wow… the song that old? I was in love with the song too… Because it was the theme song of FFVIII (and my mom is a fan of Faye Wong — which meant the song was played quite often in the car).
…I feel old now… OTL Nonetheless, the song did make me feel nostalgic (and calmer).

Continuing with the blast from the past… Anyone else other me a fan of Doraemon? At the very least, you all should have heard of the cute and awesome robotic cat from the 22nd century. Nana-san lists her top 7 favourite/most wanted tools that appeared in the manga/anime series.

Doraemon secret tool TOP 7:

1) Doko demo door (a door that allows you to go anywhere — note: One of the most famous and popular items. I always daydreamed about having this one.
2) Oishasan kaban (any illness can be healed)
3) Time furoshiki (old items/food revert to brand new)
4) kisekae Camera (photos of clothing taken with camera can be worn by a person taken with the same camera)
5) Anki pan (can memorize anything)
6) honyaku konyaku (any language will turn in user’s mother language —note: I forgot this one existed!)
7) ??? (fans are to make guesses… she’ll reveal the answer next week)

Now to listen to Smile-Gang.

Also, this week’s World of M was where the preview of ストロボシネマ first aired… If any of you happen to be wondering where people got their clips of the song from.


11 comments on “Eyes on World of M [Mizuki Nana, music, doraemon]

  1. Haha, Eyes On Me! Nostalgic song indeed!
    Eh I never liked Doraemon because I didn’t find the humour that… humorous. 8D But I always found the gadgets really interesting!

    • Honestly doesn’t feel THAT long ago when I first heard that song. XD
      I had to pause after reading your comment. I never really thought of Doraemon to be “humorous.” XD It had always been more of the gadgets/tools, 4th dimension, cuteness, and the not-always-necessarily-good-outcomes-from-those-overly-beneficial-tools. XD

  2. Yeah I loved Eyes on me too! So if Nana-san was 19… I was 7! roflz! XD! Well that song IS nostalgic and I really really really like it too. ❤ Good Suggestion Nana-san!
    And Yes I love doraemon! I want a doraemon at home too (Although I do own a lot of cats… uh. xD!)
    I laughed at the honyaku konyaku, I was like ‘this item expresses Nana-san’s expressive hate for English!!! XD Although she tries her best to study it’ xD!
    Now I’m curious about the 7th thing. xD!
    Oh, when does Nana-san gets a guest for M no Sekai? xD

    • *nods nods* It’s a very peaceful song. :3
      We’d all want a Doraemon of our own. Imagine how convenient life would become! XD Though I can visualize countless problems already if Doraemon and their tools were easily accessible… ^^;;
      I don’t think Nana-san hates English. XDD On the contrary, I think she likes it (or wants to), even though she fears it because she can’t speak or understand it. ^^;;
      We will find out what the 7th item is next week (or the week after).
      Guests do appear on World of M, but it’s never announced until the week before they appear (or sometimes it’s a surprise guest). The most recent guest was Nakajima Megumi. Before that was HIMEKA. And before that was Noto Mamiko (who was also the first guest on that show when World of M made its first run — not sure if you’re aware, but World of M ended after the first 26 weeks and was later brought back, likely due to Nana-san’s popularity).
      I can probably dig up the links (or at least the week number) if you want them. :3

      • I think I still have it in my iTunes…. *listens
        … bliss~ XD
        I miss Doraemon now, too bad the Author died before finishing it (RIP) >_<!
        Hmm I read somewhere that she only studied English so she can pass high school, xD Maybe they were just exaggerating the meaning a bit or something. xD Maybe it’ll still be English > Tomatoes. xD!
        Oh, Wow, Himeka must be really really really really happy, she idolized Nana-san right? (I hope I can meet Nana-san too *dream eyes*) So the first guest was Mamio, Mamio is Nana-san’s best friend…? (where did I read that? xD!) oh, so World of M started a long time ago, and was revived because of Nana-san’s revving popularity. Oooohhh~ No it’s alrighty, xD! maybe if I do listen to them I won’t understand most of them so, it might just turn out as a bother to you, but thank you for the offer. xD!

  3. Nana’s album have been leaked since yesterday. >_<! *guilty of having it for finally hearing all songs*
    Gorgeous~~ the songs made me shiver in too much awesomeness. XD

    • To be exact, it was leaked on the 3rd…
      Not that it makes much of a big difference for me. Still need to wait for my copy to arrive (though it hasn’t even been shipped out yet >_<) for the booklet/pictures and the DVD. 😀

      • Oh, that means it was an achievement to me for not searching for DL links until the 5th! (not. xD!)
        I hope I was able to pre-order it on time too. ;_; want. ;_; Gotta save up so money then. XD! You shall, post some reviews and nosebleedable materials when you get them…? 😉

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