Smile-Gang 429 [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第429回【デジラジ音源】

I was expecting Nana-san to talk about the 食わず嫌い王 program that she appeared on (along with Youngwoong Jaejoong [Hero] from TVXQ/DBSK). But she talked about the live performance with Sakamoto Fuyumi on Music Japan instead, which I guess, is one of the things she must talk about as well. XDD;;

What did we learn that was not already obvious to the people who saw the live on MJ? I think videos can still be found at the obvious locations. Nana-san said that she was shaking from beginning to end. She has never shaken so much while holding a mic (though she wrote about it on her blog).
And what I’m about to say has nothing to do with what she said on Smile-Gang this week, but for those who had always been wondering what word she keeps writing on her palm and then “swallowing” right before her performances, it is the word 人. According to her blog post on June 13th, she kept writing that character over and over again because she was that nervous.

She also got a call from her mother right before she was to perform, and as always, her mother was more excited than she was. XD

As for the school corner this week, she was given the role of advising people on how to sing. Aside from Misato who tried to sing as horribly as possible, this corner was actually more on the serious/normal side. School corner being normal. When was the last time that happened? XD

And those are the major points for this week… 😛 I have actually fallen behind in keeping up with Nana news, but since I have cleared Tales of Graces yesterday (why was the main story so short?), I can actually go and watch/listen/read up on everything Mizuki Nana-related that occurred recently.


11 comments on “Smile-Gang 429 [Mizuki Nana]

    • oh there other meaning (other than human) can be ‘people’, i think she write that to say that she is singing for them and be brave

      • To be honest, I have no clue what the meaning behind the action is.
        I would think, especially writing 人 many times over, means that “One person alone may not be able to do it, but when each person cooperates with another and come together, anything is possible.”

  1. And yeah, that video, well she won. xD And I definitely know that it would get subbed since, Jaejoong has a lot of fans. So it’s maybe a ‘no doubt’ to be subbed. Looking forward to it then. Precure pose. xD!
    Oh so that’s what it was. I saw her writing it a lot on her concert backstages, and one time at her collab performance with Yukarin in animelo 2008. (Must I saw I was ecstatic to get it because… it had Nana and Yukarin as the opening act. I was excited for the animelo 2009 as well, that time it was Aaya and Nana-san) XD
    O-mama is always so ecstatic for Nana-san, I remembered that one time she sent Nana-san a letter on live broadcast of that interview. xD! I forgot where it was but I still think I do have the video… uh.. somewhere. xD
    School Corner, this corner, has it always been the school corner? I hope Nana did this with Yukarin… but they changed it into Nana-iro Mail in that episode right? xD!
    And, I want to play Tales of Graces too. ;_; (mamoriiittaaaiiiii1~ BoA ❤ XD)

    • That is very likely. It’s already been translated in various other languages as far as I know. XD
      Yeah, the duets at Animelo is always the performance to look forward to. XD And as you pointed out, the backstage happenings are always fun to watch. :3
      Live broadcast? Do you mean the “Hello from Studio Park” interview with regards to Kouhaku? The one where she cried (don’t think that program was live though…)?
      Or did you mean the letter that was shown in Live Museum? 😮
      It had not always been a school corner, but from when I began following Smile-Gang weekly, it had been the Sma-Dai Campus Life (Smile-Gang University) corner. They switched it to “Specialty School” a couple of weeks (months?) ago after “supposedly” kicking her out of Sma-Dai due to failing 2 years in a row. XDD
      Tales of Graces is an awesome game. :3 Yeah, great opening song too. XDD
      By the way, I got your PM. I am unable to reply because “This message cannot be sent to orange_no_kaze because the recipient has enabled the privacy options for their messages.” Can you do something about that so I can reply? ^^;;

      • Yeah, I hope we get it in English soon. xD!
        And yes, the duets are, now I wonder whom will Nana duet with this year. xD! And yes backstages esp with Yukarin are pretty funny. XD!
        Oh, it wasn’t live broadcast? Well yes that one with regards to Kouhaku. xD! I thought it was live broadcast must’ve misread it somewhere. xD! Thank you~ XD
        LOL Nana-san got kicked out of her own section in a radio show. xD! I could just imagine them doing that just to tease her xD! So, oh, I see. xD! So there’s a chance it would change again. xD!
        I want to play Tales of Graces too~ Was it released only for the Xbox360? or it came out in the PS3 too? xD
        There, sorry about that, fixed it. xD!

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