DRAGONIA [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第428回【デジラジ音源】

I laughed so hard due to this week’s Smile-Gang that my mom thought I went crazy (from shock due to the tie between England and U.S.A. yesterday >_< I'm sorry, but no, I still am not over it)

Starting at around 13:08 is the imitation of ARASHI (that failed horribly — Nana-san didn’t even try XD). Then, at 15:03, she has to sing Mori no Kuma-san and Momotarou, two very well-known kids song, in ENGLISH.
I couldn’t stop laughing when Momotarou became Peach tarou. HAHAHAHA. XDD

Going back to the beginning of this week’s Smile-Gang, Nana-san will be getting an iPhone. :O As soon as iPhone 4 is released, she will be buying it.
Originally she didn’t want it because too many people have it and she’s not good with technology, but due to her job, iMode (I don’t own an iPod Touch/iPhone so I’m not familiar with what that is) will be something she will need.
Misato asks her “What about iPad?” and Nana-san said that thing is too big and she’ll likely leave it somewhere and forget about it. XDD She also said it is… heavy? O_o

Then at 21:03…


Nana-san described it to be a boyish song… It has a chinese feel to it. Before the title was decided, its code name was: Chuuka (TL: Chinese). And it is meant to make people think “Sangokushi” (Romance of the Three Kingdoms). The lyrics, written by HIBIKI, were written with that in mind. That reason alone is enough to make me like the song. XD I do really like the song though. As Nana-san said, it does seem to be a song to appear in a movie based on Sangokushi or anything based on the Sengoku era. :3

15 comments on “DRAGONIA [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Dragonia is a great song. Love the direction she’s taking with this album… just from all the previous so far, it really seems like she’s doing very different things compared to her previous albums. Even with everything she has achieved, not falling into any kind comfort zone is something I just can’t help but admire.
    Oh, and about the iMode – in short, makes surfing the internet through mobile devices faster and better, and she doesn’t really need an iPhone to be able to use the service, but it has a lot of advantages over other devices. If she does get and iPhone though, there’s no real reason to get an iPad (which is not all that heavy, lol)
    Thanks for the all the info! 🙂

    • I fell in love the moment I heard the Er Hu. *___________* Probably biasness on my part since I’m learning that currently, but it was really nice. :DDD Probably will really like it after a few more loops and the higher quality.
      And you mentioned it being based on Three Kingdoms!!!

      • Yup! The second the word Sangokushi popped up, I was instantly alert and began looking forward to the song even more (than I originally thought possible). XD It is very likely to become one of the songs I will loop often once the album is released. :3
        It’s cool that you’re learning to play the Erhu. Most people go straight for the violin nowadays…

    • Yes, the fact that she is willing to step out out of her comfort zone (regardless of it being singing, voice acting, or anything else that she does), is one of the many reasons why I admire her as well. And she always seem to find enjoyment in her activities. :3
      Thanks for the clarification! Typical of me to automatically think anything that begins with an ‘i’ to be an Apple service… ^^;; I went back and re-listened to the part where Nana-san talks about why she’ll be needing the iPhone 4 for work purposes, and imode is the main reason. Still doesn’t explain why she must get an iPhone in my opinion, with so many other smart phones out there (I personally prefer phones with Android platform — as biased as it may sound considering I own an HTC Hero). ^^;;
      I think Misato meant it as, why not just get an iPad instead of an iPhone. XDD Although iPhone > iPad any day. 😛

      • She really seems to be enjoying it, and is awesome (plus, we get more news/music/anime… which is never a bad thing =D).
        No problem, if I hadn’t seen something related to it in class, I sure would have thought the same thing 🙂 Now that you mention it though, it really doesn’t explain why she needs an iPhone.. might be because in theory is more “user friendly” than other smart phones? And I’m totally with you here, phones running on Android are much better. ^^
        iPhone > iPad. This. In the end, the iPad is nothing more than an over sized iPhone without a phone. And as Nana said, she might lose it. XD

  2. I haven’t heard it, but I feel like I have to say it now… I haven’t listened but… I think I’m gonna laugh my ass out. xD!
    I will be back with comments for the song~ and her ENGRISH we all love. ❤

    • They went “Precure HeartCatch!” Mode! xD!
      Peachtarou! I died. =)) Nana-san never ceases to amaze us with her awesome English. XD So is the insert song sung by Arashi? xD Bear-san flower flower grow in the forestooo =)) I died laughing. =))
      Dragonia would take time for me to like it, but sasuga Nana-san >D

      • That was because Nana-san was talking about having to speak to a kid who was a Precure fan over the phone. XDD
        The song that plays at the beginning of the school corner, the one where you hear “itsuka mieru ashita” is 歩み (ayumi) sung by GReeeeN. Then, the one that plays afterwards (as well as the one Misato and Nana-san duets briefly at the end of the corner — “Daijoubu da yo, miagereba, daijoubu hora, nanairo no hashi), is 虹 (niji) by Aqua Timez.

        • Ah, so that’s what it was, why they suddenly went, HeartCatch Precure! XD! She did it too in her guesting on a food show here are the links xD
          art1-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnmBDwrqUGo
          Part2-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKjTvp4xbS4
          Part3-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YDBJCTG714
          She did the pose too. xD! Ah, so those were the *insert songs* LOL! XD! Thank you! They’re playing on my head now. And it’s Nana-san’s fault. @.@ Misato-san’s too. xD!
          Oh right, did you manage to have listened to Nana-san’s smile gang episode with Tamura Yukari? xD

          • I have already watched (and downloaded the LQ versions) on the day that show aired. Thanks though! :3
            I’m waiting for her to speak more about it on Smile-Gang (as she said she will on her blog post) before I make a post about it. Better to write down my thoughts all at once than doing it twice.
            Ah, you mean Smile-Gang 332? …Don’t ask why I remember the episode number, my brain remembers the most useless of stuff and forgets the important ones. But yes, I listened to it. One of the most hilarious broadcast even in Smile-Gang history. There was hardly a moment when they weren’t laughing. XDD

            • Well then I can’t wait for her to mention it on smile gang as well! But may I ask you when does smile gang airs? xD! Is it weekly? xD!
              And yes Smile Gang 332, and yes I agreed, I spent around 4 times re-listening to it, to understand what they were saying, but to no avail… I only heard laughs. xD! Well I know was that Yukarin was having a fun time teasing poor Nana-san. XD I was like “I hear a replica of Nanoha and Fate in a radio show, talking about swimsuits.” xD! And don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine to remember the episode number and the rest of the most useless stuff and forget the important ones, they come in handy *thumbs up*

    • I don’t really mind, but I’m not sure if translating will make it any clearer, unless you’re a big Arashi fan. Otherwise it’d be a little difficult to get imitation jokes… I only understood the Matsumoto Jun one because I watched the j-drama, Hana yori Dango, in which Matsumoto Jun starred in.
      And like I said, Nana-san didn’t even try… She laughed-talked it through that part. XD
      Mizuki Nana as Matsumoto Jun: Tsukushi… Suki da! (Tsukushi, I love you!)
      Mizuki Nana as Sakurai Sho: This is Sakurai Sho! Please watch NewsZero.
      Mizuki Nana as Satou Ono: Leader here!
      Mizuki Nana as Ninomiya Kazunari: I’m Penguin Mario!
      (^I’m actually not very sure if I’m hearing this one correctly. :S)
      Mizuki Nana as Aiba Masaki: I’m this! (or Aiba desu?)

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