Young Alive! [Mizuki Nana, seiyuu]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第427回【デジラジ音源】

Misato~~ www Sometimes, I think I listen to Smile-Gang more for Misato than Nana-san. XDD The school corner is just way too funny. XD I also urge everyone to check out Misato’s blog (post on June 1st). Because she lost at rock-paper-scissors to Nana-san last week, she has to put up a picture of her messy apartment. That reminds me, the very beginning of this week’s Smile-Gang was of Nana-san imitating Misato. XDD

Anyway, moving onto the more important point of this post. NEW SONG AIRED ON SMILE-GANG!

Young Alive!

…Should I comment on the name? Let’s not… Yes, I’m aware it’s the opening song for an anime of the same title… But that’s because the anime was named after the song.

Before I go on, let me first point out that Nana-san wrote the lyrics herself. There is one line that made me burst out laughing (and no, it’s not the amount of 全力全開 that appeared, though it did make me chuckle).

I will make it together

*falls over laughing* Does she not have an editor? XD The line just jumped at me when I heard it. Seriously, they should at least have someone to double check her english lines. XD

About the song/lyrics… The instructions she was given (for lyrics writing purposes) was that it must be something that is hard to read and hard to understand (because that will be the theme of the song)… Something along the lines of story proverb. Nana-san had to buy a dictionary on that because she doesn’t know anything about that. XDD Overall though, the song is meant to be a “cheer up” song.

By the way, I’m liking this song better than ミュステリオン. I’m looping Young Alive! already. 😛

Zenryoku zenkai! Fumidasu yo! Hitori ja nai. Are you ready? Come on! Let’s go!

^For some reason, I really like it when Nana-san sang that part. 😛 Might be simply because of Zenryoku zenkai. XDD

Aside from Smile-Gang, there’s also World of M which is worth listening to this week.

水樹奈々のMの世界 #049 (2010,06,05) ゲスト:中島愛

This week’s World of M has called in Nakajima Megumi to be guest. Anyone who has watched Macross F should be familiar with her. :3 Speaking of which, I still haven’t gotten around to watching that. XDD;;

The two mainly talked about shoujo manga/anime, because Nana-san says she’s not very familiar with the genre. She’s more of a shounen manga/anime fan. Nakajima talks briefly about Marmalade Boy, a series that Nana-san did watch as well. It was an anime that ran in 1992. Here’s the funny point. Nana-san said that it’s not that weird for herself to know of the series, but in 1992, Nakajima Megumi should only be 2 years old back then! (Actually, depending on the month, Nakajima should be 3 by then). XDD;;

…And it was her birthday yesterday, so Nana-san (along with the staff of World of M) gave her flowers as a present.

They also did the “Bring Out Your Voice and Read the Following Line” corner together. They had to act as lolis. XDD That’s worth listening to, so even if you don’t really care about the rest of the program, at least fast-forward to the last part for that corner. 😛


9 comments on “Young Alive! [Mizuki Nana, seiyuu]

    • Zenryoku zenkai = 全力全開
      The literal translation would be: All-out Full Power.
      A better translation would be: Giving your all.
      You would have to be a Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha in order to understand why I laugh at the words. It’s a well-known phrase among Japanese Lyrical Nanoha fans and is the center of many jokes… This is due to Nanoha (main character of the series) not holding anything back when firing her attack, Starlight Breaker (after saying zenryoku zenkai) even at the people she loves. XDD Because Nana-san plays the role of Fate in the same series (and because she and her character both love Nanoha), I can’t help but think that Nanoha (or Tamura Yukari) must have influenced her in using the phrase zenryoku zenkai as often as she does. XD
      PS: I don’t believe we’ve met, so nice to meet you. :3

  1. Thanks for the links!
    After hearing the clearer, higher-quality 30 sec PV preview of ミュステリオン, I think I like it better now. Sound was good, and Nana’s singing seems nice, plus the music doesn’t sound as noisy or messy as the first time I heard the radio rip. The PV had some kind of Nazi/cult thing going on but it looked great. (I actually think they are imitating Yousei Teikoku more than Nazism.)
    I actually am of the minority of Nana’s fans in the sense that I don’t favour her cutesy, bright songs that much with a few exceptions, so Young Alive! might not be that much of a hit for me. :3
    Still looking forward to the album, though! I haven’t preordered mine yet. Will do so soon, hopefully. 😀

    • I’ve heard the 30 sec PV preview as well as looped the song several times. I am beginning to like it more now, but I still don’t like it enough… If that made any sense. ^^;;
      I actually winced slightly when I saw how Nazi-influenced the PV seemed. I personally don’t think it is a big deal (because I don’t mind it), but at the same time, I perfectly understand that it is something to pay attention to. It will be a sensitive topic/theme to some people. Especially considering the reaction among some fans with the costume she wore for Live Fighter (which was, again, a reference to Hitler and the Nazis).
      Hm… I didn’t think Yousei Teikoku at all when I saw the PV. Maybe because as soon as I saw the flags and symbol, Nazi was the first thing to pop into my mind. If the symbol was not styled the way it was (because it follows the swastika design/style to a certain extent), I wouldn’t make the connection/realize… Even with the red armband. 😛
      Nonetheless, from the preview, I do think it will be a very cool PV. 😀
      Haha! I personally don’t favour her cutesy songs either (i.e. Mamimume and Cosmic Love). But I love her bright, upbeat songs. For one, it makes her Lives even livelier than previously imagined. XDD A lot of singers sing upbeat “cheer up” songs, but very few are actually able to make it sound so lively. I can picture Nana-san smiling as she’s recording the song. And I find it motivational (which is the main and most important thing). :3
      I haven’t pre-ordered my copy yet either. I usually don’t until the website from which I plan to order from puts up the album cover picture. It’s a little nonsensical rule (habit) of mine. XDD;;

      • Yea, I’m sure some people would feel offended by the Nazi influence, and even if they might have meant it another way, when someone can link the image they produce directly to the Nazi, then I think they’ve failed. 😐 Nana’s producers really need to be more sensitive to these things.
        I don’t want to defend them, but I don’t feel offended at all by the PV. I know of the horrors of the Nazi, but for me, being located in Asia, we were more affected by the Japanese invasion than the Nazi. Though it really says something when the Japanese look towards the Nazi for ideas, even if they are just fashion tips. *cough* I mean, it links them directly to WWII, where they were a large part of it. .____. At least try not to act so ignorant!
        The reason I say the PV reminds me of Yousei Teikoku is this:
        :3 Really, I feel more ‘cult’ vibes than Nazi from the PV, but I wished they dropped the red armband.
        I like her bright, upbeat songs, but I don’t favour them too because somehow I always get bored of them after several loops. >.> Well, even as Nana fans, we won’t always love all her songs, eh? At least, I’m not that dedicated. Lol.
        I haven’t pre-ordered my copy yet either. I usually don’t until the website from which I plan to order from puts up the album cover picture. It’s a little nonsensical rule (habit) of mine. XDD;;
        That makes sense, actually. Might follow you. 😀

  2. Nana-san can’t stop laughing at the School Corner. LOL! Yakuza style! =)) Mizunana =)) Are they acting like boys? That’s why a shounen music plays? xD! Misato sung it instead. =)) =))
    And I liked this song too! And I fell over laughing at “I can make it together” Sasuga Nana-san! XD! But that’s part of “hard to understand” for the lyrics. xD!
    And when I heard Zenryoku Zenkai it reminded me of Yukarin too. Does Nana miss the Nanoha franchise and Yukarin? LOL XD!
    I laughed when she said “Young Alive!” and then a background music played, rofl, tsun-Nana, is tsun. =))

    • If I recall correctly, Nana-san is “learning to be a teacher” in the school corner and must scold students (too many things loading at the moment that I don’t want to load up Smile-Gang 427…).
      Rather than miss the series, I seriously think she is deeply influenced by those two. XDD
      Do you mean the very looong drum roll-type background music when she announced the title of the song? XDD

      • Oh yes I did hear about something “learning to be a teacher” wasn’t sure about it though. (benkyo, benkyo)
        Yeah, I do agree about being deeply influenced by them. xD! And now she’s deeply inspired by them as well. xD
        Yes that! I didn’t know how I should describe it “Mou ii desu! mou ii desu!” LOL they really love either embarrassing her or bullying her. And in the intro with Misato-san saying ‘tere’ things about Nana-san. xD!

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