水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第424回【デジラジ音源】

The title of the 8th album has been decided…!

The title of the album to be released on July 7th will be:


^Don’t ask me if that’s supposed to make sense in terms of English. XDD

As for the rest of Smile-Gang…
Nana-san’s knowledge of soccer scares me. XD The soccer ball has not been black and white for quite a while now (or I should say, it doesn’t HAVE to be black&white)! Apparently, that was the only thing she knew, but even that piece of knowledge is very outdated. XDD;;

At least Misato was a bit better. She knows about the spikes on the shoes. 😛

Also, it would seem that O-mama (“official” nickname for Nana-san’s mother) tuned in to Smile-Gang randomly one night. She was channel surfing on the radio when she recognized the sound of familiar laughter. Then, the words “Shassu!” were heard. XD I wonder which episode she heard? Nana-san wasn’t able to get that information out of her mother. All she knows was that her mother thought that she sounded very excited… But Nana-san sounds excited in practically every Smile-Gang episode. XDD

For the random/fun/torture/school corner… Ahahaha~ Misato can’t pronounce Fate Testarossa. XDDD It’s rare for Misato to trip over herself like this, and she did it several times throughout. XD But the random sounds/lines Nana-san came up with were hilarious. XD I shall ignore the Fate and Hinata parts because they were out-of-character… Actually, Fate defense did sound like Fate… It’s just the attacking part that did NOT fit with the character’s personality. 😛

And that’s mainly it for this week.


14 comments on “IMPACT EXCITER [Mizuki Nana]

  1. I just… They really need to gain some naming sense. The album title doesn’t get me excited for the album at all. :< (lol. It took me a few seconds to appreciate the irony. I still don't like the name though, seriously!)

    • If anything, Exciter Impact would make more sense… And sounds slightly, just slightly, better.
      Either way, it wouldn’t change the fact that the naming is just odd. ^^;; Now that I think about it, the name is pretty much nonsense unless it’s common knowledge that an exciter is an audio signal processor/enhancer. And as far as I know, that’s not really common knowledge. >.<"

      • Now that I think about it, the name is pretty much nonsense unless it’s common knowledge that an exciter is an audio signal processor/enhancer.
        I don’t think I knew that before you said it! So, yea. 8D
        After reading her latest blog entry, I have regained the excitement for Nana’s new album! Apparently Mika (the harpist) composed a song for the album, and Nana’s writing the lyrics. Also, she mentioned that (I assume all) the recordings for this album are all done together; the singing and the instruments at the same time. *_________* Holy. I can’t wait to hear it. Probably will sound really awesome and ‘live’.
        Tell me how many singers would actually dare to do that? 😀

        • And I didn’t know until I searched it up, wondering if exciter was a word or not. XDD Although Nana-san did mention the exciter being an enhancer in Smile-Gang when she announced the title… I forgot what she said exactly though… Will have to re-listen. ^^;; I think my memory span is shrinking. D:
          Yeah, I read her blog post this morning. :3
          As for the singing and instrumental recording taking place at the same time, it’s just that one song only (and not for every new song on the album). Which is good, because it makes it even more special. 😀 Can’t wait to hear this one. ;3

    • Oh, and I just thought of something. I’m really glad the name of the upcoming live have already been decided to be Red Stage & Blue Stage. I will be caught between headdesking and laughing if they named it Live Exciter or something. XDD;;

    • A very weird name. XD
      Foreign language/names has always been a challenge for many seiyuu. Even Yukarin, who was the seiyuu for Nanoha, couldn’t say Testarossa properly on Radio StrikerS. XD

  2. It’s okay Misato-san, Nana slightly mispronounced it in StrikerS too, the transformation episode, I listened to it repeatedly, and repeatedly heard “Tesutarosuta” xD!
    Well… Impact Exciter, well I was happy that the album finally had a title. xD! Well like any other Nana-san album, the title is not that sensible until you hear its contents. xD!
    And about the instruments and the voice in one recording, maybe it’s Koi no Yokushiryoku (Album Ver.)? just a hunch though. xD!

    • Transformation episode in StrikerS? You mean episode 5?
      Contents and album title almost always have no connection in my opinion. XD However, at least her past album titles made sense. Impact Exciter feels like two totally random words thrown together. ^^;;
      Instruments and voice in simultaneous recording is referring to 7月7日 (July 7th). This is confirmed because that is the only song on her album (listed so far) that is composed by Agematsu Mika. ;3

      • Yup, StrikerS Episode 5. XD I did forget to put it up. xD!
        Yup, agreed, well Nana is one of those artists who doesn’t have the album title as a song title as well. And Yes, Impact Exciter, is just like put up together and oh, “oh this sounds awesome!” then it’s decided to be the title. xD
        Oh, Finally a song with Nana’s name on it? (It’s not like, Nana Iro no Youni and SEVEN are part of it… is it? xD), I see, that’s awesome can’t wait, Agematsu Mika is, Agematsu Noriyasu’s wife? (eh??) XD

        • Agematsu Mika is Agematsu Noriyasu’s younger sister. She is a harp player, and was the one who played the instrument for Heart-shaped Chant and Shin Ai (and now July 7th). Mika performed with Nana-san in Live Formula and Live Diamond concert as well as on Kouhaku. :3
          The two of them are very good friends with each other as they often go on trips together. XD

          • Oh, I see now, I have to know a bit more about the Agematsu’s then. Is she the same Agematsu that is Nana’s neighbor? xD!
            Oh, I did read that somewhere, they are really close. xD! She should appear in the July 7th Concert performance too ❤

            • Yup, the same Agematsu who lives close to her. :3
              They are close. XDD Fans have joked about how much time the two of them spend together despite Agematsu Mika being married. XDD But truthfully, they don’t spend that much time together. 😛 Both of them are busy people after all.

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