Aruaruaruaru XD [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #045 (2010,05,08)

The beginning of this week’s The World of M was funny. “Aru-aru-aru-aru…” <–You will understand if you listen to the broadcast. XD

And then there was the 7 Questions Corner. One of the questions was: Do you prefer muscular characters or bishounen characters?

She answered with “muscular characters.” Σ(゚д゚lll)

Come on, I can’t be the only one shocked with that answer! *flails* Unless she was thinking of Trunks or Goku, but I’d categorize them closer to bishounen? Especially Trunks… XDD Muscular characters make me think of Kinnikuman. ^^;;

One more thing… By the end of this week’s World of M, another fact has come to light. Nana-san should never be cast into any old lady roles. It’s simply not a good idea. XDD;;


14 comments on “Aruaruaruaru XD [Mizuki Nana]

  1. ooo..that surprise me but TA! TA! bad taste Nana-san should be bishounen LOL! XD i dont wan a muscular guy with bad looks lol XD

  2. MUSCULAR CHARACTERS! Though I doubt she reads that, I love her more for that comment. :DDD
    I’d call Trunks and Goku and other Dragonball characters muscular characters instead of bishounen, actually. Because the artist actually draws a muscular build the fighters should have, unlike Bleach, where the strong characters are stick-thin. 8DD

    • I should read Eyeshield 21 one day… After I catch up on One Piece (of which I am 400 chapters behind). XDD;;
      But in Bleach, the strong characters are souls, so there isn’t really a body to build. 8D

        • Rather than “catch up” with One Piece, I think I should read it from Chapter 1 again since it’s been waaaay too long. XD;;
          So that means the key to obtaining insanely high spiritual powers is to work out the abs and abs only. 8D

      • READ EYESHIELD 21!!!!
        at a time when I can also be online more often. That series has ended at least. 😉
        I’m also catching up with OP (the forever lasting quest. 😉 )

        • KIHAKU! *glomps* 😀
          Speaking of reading manga… FMA! Have you been keeping up with FMA? It’s ending! ;_; I think next month is going to be the concluding chapter…
          That’s the thing with One Piece… Sometimes, the knowledge that it hasn’t ended yet makes me not want to catch up… Odd, I know. ^^;;

          • HI!! *random popping around*
            How can it end already NEXT month?? There needs to be an epilogue or something!!!
            XDD I don’t think it’s odd. I think one gets a need to finish something that is already finished, because then, there is nothing left to look forward to anyway and no chance to wind up in the same “got to catch up” situation. 🙂
            (I’ve actually been re-reading OP 🙂 )

  3. Muscular characters! 😀 She has my respect for that. 🙂 IRL the DB characters are a little too close to body builders, IMO, but when I went through my crazy obsession phase, they were IDEAL. 😀
    Anyway.. why can’t a characters be both muscular AND pretty? Like Trunks. XDD (I have to disagree on Goku. 😉 )

    • At least Goku isn’t bad looking. XD
      Definitely, my initial reaction would be to put Trunks under “good looking” even though he is muscular… XDD Oh, and can’t forget about SSJ2 Gohan. :3

      • He has muscles. 😉 Positive in my book. 🙂
        What’s with the “even though”?? You like the skinny guys then? DD
        SSJ2 Gohan? The 9-year-old??? XD

  4. LOL, aruaruaruaruaruaruaruaru. XD! Word of the week?!
    I forgot what she was saying about I get distracted by the aruaruaruaruaru flood. =))
    But at the first part I think she was talking about mothers…? @.@ ah it is the day before mother’s day. I would not be surprised.
    Aruaruaruaruaruaruaru xD

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