Live Games 2010 Red Stage & Blue Stage [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第419回【デジラジ音源】

I give up. It’s near impossible to work while listening to Smile-Gang. XDD I end up laughing too much.

The opening for this week’s Smile-Gang was hilarious (and very, very weird). 😄 Are they planning to attract Hokkaido listeners or scare them away? 😄 Oh, it’s surprising, but they mentioned Marimorin (the variety (?) show). It was a Hokkaido-only TV show, starring the Mari and Rimo (CV: Mizuki Nana and Fukuen Misato) siblings. I watched a few episodes by chance about a year ago, and it was absolutely hilarious. It was almost like Smile-Gang with visuals. XDD;;

Anyway, moving on to the Radio Blog Talk corner. Nana-san revealed that, after Say! You Young, she took K-tan out for a walk… at 5AM in the morning. She said she was on a high after the broadcast (マジでドMですか!?was what I thought after she said that. XD) I was half hoping for Misato to talk more about the call part, but they didn’t…

And woah, while talking about Live Academy, Nana-san said she met up with one of her highschool teachers (in Ehime) and found out that the teacher is a member of her fanclub and reads her blog everyday. XDD

And then, important news! The name of the Seibu Dome 2 Day live (July 24 and 25) has been decided!

Nana Mizuki Live Games 2010 – Red Stage & Blue Stage

Now we just need to name of her 8th album…


3 comments on “Live Games 2010 Red Stage & Blue Stage [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Live Games??? Sports costumes in summer? 8DDD (And here we hear the fanboys shout: Swimsuit?!?!?) LOL
    I think it’s kinda cute that her teacher became a member of her fanclub, though it’s probably just a nice sentiment of support or something. Haha.
    Just read her blog, and her Dad’s birthday is the same as my Dad’s. o.o

    • Swimsuit would equal massive blood loss at the stadium. Not a good idea. XDD
      I agree that it is cute, but still surprising at the same time. 😄 And it also gives the teach bragging rights. “Nana was once my student!” XDD
      Interesting coincidence. :3

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