A box of WHAT-cookies? [Mizuki Nana]

Here is Mizuki Nana’s April 8th Blog Post

Excuse me if it is just me who is not informed of the latest “healthy” foods, but… but… ミドリムシクッキー!?!?

ミドリムシ = ユーグレナ = Euglena

O.O A-Am I the only one who is slightly disturbed by that? She’s eating cookies that have euglena mixed in.

In other news… Actually, this is very OLD news, but in case there is anyone who has not yet heard the song, here is Porno Graffiti’s MONSTER.

Opening CV by Mizuki Nana and Yukana. \(^0^)/

^And that indirectly reminds me that I haven’t written about Smile-Gang for 5 weeks. orz


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