水樹奈々のセイ!You!ヤング [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々のセイ!You!ヤング Part 01

I feel like I am saying this too often, but really, Nana-san is cute. XD But what I loved most from this video radio broadcast is the call to Misato. Nana-san thought to play a trick on Misato (to get back at her for all those times on Smile-Gang), but only to backfire. XDD
Misato GJ!!! XD

And I’m so used to hearing Smile-Gang music that I didn’t think it weird to hear that BGM until Nana-san mentioned it. XDD …Then again, this IS Smile-Gang without Misato. XDD

水樹奈々のセイ!You!ヤング Part 02
The first segment of this second part is a must-watch. I laughed so hard. XDD Nana-san going crazy dancing to random music. Obviously, she did not know about this beforehand, which explains why she was so unprepared.

And then… Kei-tan TOUJOU!!! 😀 😀 😀
Or should I say, Nana-san enters her oyabaka!mode. XDD She is so funny.

But Kei-tan behaves surprisingly well– Oh wait, spoke too soon. XD He ignores Nana-san. XDDD Hahahaha.

I realize Kei-tan is officially spelled as K-tan, but I’m too used to kei-tan. XP

I also realize that this post sounds awkward… It’s the Nana-effect. XDD Actually, no, I’m just tired. ^^;;

EDIT: Both videos have been deleted from NicoVideo (unsurprisingly). Alternative watching methods found in comments. Thanks to raizoo and for their respective links! :3


17 comments on “水樹奈々のセイ!You!ヤング [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Totally didn’t forget that I have an OpenID~ Glad to see it looks like you’re feeling better with all these recent Nana posts.
    I haven’t been able to watch the whole thing myself because 2 hours is a long time. So, I downloaded the segments that people uploaded, though mine was split into three:
    1) http://www.mediafire.com/?1ywjatdmzzk
    2) http://www.mediafire.com/?zigz4mmgyze
    3) http://www.mediafire.com/?mm2emmuyymn
    I only glanced at Nana drinking tomato juice because that’s always LOL, Dance Channel and “Conclusion: Stupid dog.” I was wondering why she had a picture of Fukuen when I was skipping ahead. Now I know. 8D

    • *sweatdrops* Haha, yup, I have recovered for the most part. :3
      Hm… Can’t access mediafire at the moment for some reason… But thanks for the links! Shall try again in the morning.
      It looked to me that Nana-san didn’t even drink the tomato juice. XD
      I feel bad for the “conclusion: stupid dog” part, but it’s surprising that K-tan can’t even do “hand.” ^^;;
      Seriously, you need to watch the part where she phoned Misato. XD It’s in the Friend Channel section… Or yeah, just look for the part where she shows the photo of her “comrade-in-arms” for the past 9 years, Fukuen Misato. XD

      • I didn’t know wordpress and OpenID were linked! >_> Wah, that’s good. I got wiped out last month from flus. orz
        Mediafire is a bum like that sometimes. But hey, here’s hoping someone uploads Yukarin’s and I get to download it in time…. -w-;
        Oh who cares if she didn’t actually drink it. All that mattered is how she sou— I am totally not an erojiji. And lol, I felt a little bad too, but watching Nana trying to get him to do tricks was just too fun.
        What the KOALA. LOL, Fukuen is why I could get through Smile Gang episodes when I could be arsed to listen. My Japanese is nowhere near your level + I was watching this while editing 4koma, soooooo I missed why Nana was being all tsun near the end.
        …. Nana is such a tsundere. I think it’s cute how she went to Disneyland with her mama. Bar, otona (ry Wtf staff and the Nana aeroplane pointer thing lol …. YOUR LITTLE GIRL IS GROWING UP, NANA-MAMA. ;__;

        • You’ve gone back to no OpenID? ‘Wiped out’ is a good way to describe what the flu did to me too. In fact, I was quite literally immobilized.
          Mediafire worked earlier. Thanks! 😀
          Yukarin’s is on April 16th… Guess I’ll be stalking NicoVideo just in case– Oh crap, no, I have evil exams that day. OTL
          …I’ll pretend I didn’t read that first part. XDD The fact that the dog just stared at Nana-san when she tried to get him to bow was hilarious too.
          I zipped straight to Misato’s twitter after watching that part and indeed, she wrote about the call! Apparently she had said that she wants to see a koala an hour before, so I guess she jumped at the chance to get at Nana-san. XD
          And I see you’re still working hard with the editing. :3
          I don’t think it was actually Disneyland. She said “a place like Disneyland” but she didn’t reveal exactly where she went… Someplace with famous roast beef I heard “lost” beef at first XD.

          • …. ON AND OFF THING OKAY. I think mine is coming back, oh dear. ._.
            Yeah, I can’t even watch it live since I’m working. I remember one nicolive of Nana’s was recorded and uploaded, but not Yukarin’s…. though I managed to watch 3/4th’s of it before getting booted. -w-;
            Eheheheh~ *cough* Poor Nana.
            I think we’d all jump at the chance to get Nana since she seems so fun to tease~
            Not working hard. Being lazywww Nanoha fandom sew big.
            Have I even had roast beef. Oh man, what place has famous roast beef that’s “like Disneyland”…. *scratches head*
            Rofl that totally reminded me of the beginning part with the age thing. PASSPORT, PASSPORT, LOL. So when she’s 28, she’s mistaken for 16? And 29, mistaken for 18? And now that she’s 30, she’ll be mistaken for…. 17 now? 8D *shot*

            • As long as I know it’s you. XD I woke up with a sore throat. D: Hopefully it’s a quick passing thing. And you take care!
              I remember the Mizuki Nana nicolive. I think it was even uploaded to YouTube at some point (before being deleted).
              Can’t argue with you there about her being fun to tease. XDD
              If you’re lazy, what does that make me? Not to mention, I see a load of doujins/4komas being credited to your name. :3
              A quick wiki check reveals that the most likely place is England… How she (and her mother) manage to get around would be beyond me. In fact, how Nana-san gets around anywhere outside of Japan without a translator is beyond me. XDD
              Eternal 17? Just like Yukarin? 8D XDD

              • I keep nosebleeding. Sign of spring in more ways than one.
                Sadly, I have that live downloaded somewhere. Or I should. I think everyone just remembers the dialect thing anyway, lol.
                osht where. I just joined NanoFate for the love of tokoharu and wanting to actually level the pages.
                fffff, if it’s somewhere in London, I’ll laugh if I went there or near there. Maybe I’ll ask an English mate….
                Well, Inoue Kikuko did invite her and she is the proper age, so…. !

              • That used to happen to me a lot too. ^^;;
                What do you mean by “level the pages?” :O And heh, yeah, it’s hard to resist tokoharu’s art/doujins.
                It’s very possible. XD
                Err… sorry, not really following what you’re talking about here. ^^;;

              • Serving customers with nosebleed while tampon is stuck up nose = awsm
                http://www.unblessed.net/guide/cleaning/level.html – L is for levelling! fffff tokoharu <3!
                Well I did go to some of the things that she went to for UD, except every other person has been there. orz
                Inoue Kikuko invited Nana to join 17sai club ages ago. The thing about 17sai club is you have to be 30 to actually be in the club, so at the time, Nana was just an honorary member. Don’t think she’ll play around like Yukarin or Hocchan though. orz

    • Hm… Haven’t loaded up the entire thing, but it’s 119 minutes, so it should be the whole thing. 😀
      Not only is the Nana-effect powerful, it is also long-lasting. XDD
      PS: Nice icon! :3

      • It loads slowly and youku doesn’t like me that much so I haven’t watched it either. lol. It has the video instead of just the sound though.
        Haha! Thanks. I figured it was high-time I got a Nana icon so I made that last night. I wanted to make a few, but doing one took so long I just gave up, orz. I don’t know how other people do it. :33

        • You should watch it! It’ll make you laugh for sure. XDD
          And youku has always been slow (especially considering it was a two-hour broadcast). -.-;;
          But the time spent was worth it, right? ;3 And most likely, all those “other people” are dedicated icon-makers. XD

  2. I only got to go and watch this now. xD LOL. Nana gets bullied by people older than her *coughyukarincough* and by people younger than her. GJ Misato! XD
    I pretty much laughed my ass out at the dancing. LOL they tortured her for changing music without notice. And the tomato juice wasn’t scripted! =)) =)) It surprised her to no ends. xD!
    LOL K-tan is… a stupid dog, DX Maybe because Nana-san hasn’t properly trained him to do “the hand” trick. xD! And the Live Academy preview was really exciting! XD!

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