Curry is a drink? [Mizuki Nana]

It’s been 3 weeks since I made a post about Nana-san. :O It’s a record!

…So it’s been a while, but I’m still not feeling 100% well. -__-;; Nonetheless, I have a one week break, therefore, in order to celebrate, I have translated the cute and hilarious video. 😀

Translation of MJ interview beginning at 0:37 This was before her concert at Yokohama Arena.

Interviewer: We have heard that you ate curry before your Kouhaku performance. What kind of curry did you eat before you began this (concert) tour?
Nana: I had a curry bun this morning. (laughs) Rice curry might affect the throat, so I had a bun that had curry within.
Interviewer: Do you consider curry to be a drink?
Nana: (laughs) What? (laughs again) Uh… I think of it as a dri– food. But curry is something that is light and easy to swallow, so it is similar to a drink in that respect.
Interviewer: We would like you to give us a lecture on how to wave light sticks/pen lights?
Nana: This is the first time…
Interviewer: How does a person wave pen lights/light sticks properly?
Nana: (laughs) Everyone should wave it according to his/her own style. But basically, during slower songs, this *shows motion* is often seen. Faster songs would be like this *shows motion*… or you can jump! These would be the most orthodox patterns. It all depends on the song.

Nana: I’ll be jumping all over the place today! Ganbarimasu! Everyone please support me!

Seriously, Nana-san is too cute. XDD

And there’s also the MJ Haru-Uta live from a couple of days ago. Something just feels weird about enka and “school uniform.” XDD Awesome singing though. 😀


5 comments on “Curry is a drink? [Mizuki Nana]

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes the spokesperson for some curry brand in Japan. XD
      I’m a lot better compared to those first 2 days, but still get dizzy occasionally. Probably fatigue has prevented me from recovering fully. XP

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