There’s a first time for everything… [Mizuki Nana, Shugo Chara]

How is it that I never know about Shugo Chara Character Song Collection releases until very close to its release date? It was like that for Character Song Collection 2 and it was the same this time as well (Shugo Chara Character Song Collection 3). I wouldn’t have known at all if I wasn’t listening to a-fanfan11 水樹奈々のPOWER GATE第95回(10年2月) yesterday.

Before you click on the following YouTube video, a word of warning. It’s not your usual song sung by Hoshina Utau (Mizuki Nana). It’s very different. If you’re wondering why, go watch Shugo Chara Party! 19. (Yes, I only watch episodes where Utau makes an appearance — Don’t know what I’d do if fans didn’t do episode-by-episode summaries on Wikipedia XD).

I won’t lie. The first time I heard this song on a-fanfan11 水樹奈々のPOWER GATE #95, I didn’t have a very good impression. Then I heard it again briefly when watching episode 19 of Shugo Chara Party! and it was better. Now that I’ve heard the full higher quality version, it’s not so bad. In fact, it’s pretty good, though it’s nowhere near Taiyou ga niau yo in terms of Utau song.

The reason I didn’t like it at first was due to Nana-san trying a bit too hard to go for the soft-feel. At certain points, it sounded to me like she was losing her voice (and you can’t blame if you listen to the a-fanfan11 Mizuki Nana no Power Gate #95 version).

But I’ve now looped it enough times to say that I quite like it. In fact, it’s really peaceful and soft. :3 Watching episode 19 of Shugo Chara Party! really helps (because you will understand just why it’s so different from the usual singing style of Hoshina Utau. And I can’t help but love the KukaixUtau moment in this episode. XD


20 comments on “There’s a first time for everything… [Mizuki Nana, Shugo Chara]

  1. Off to watch Shugo Chara Party 19 now. LOL I only watch the episodes where Utau appears too, haha! But I’m tired of shifting through all those ‘Cool and Spicy!’ or ‘Ikuto!!! Amu!!! Amuto!!!’ episodes. urgh.

    • I generally have no clue what’s happening in the series as a whole. XD Even though I really like Kukai as well, I don’t watch episodes where he appears. It’s only Utau. XDD So it was big bonus to have Kukai and Utau show up together even if it’s only for less than 2 minutes. XDD
      I’m one of the few odd people out there who don’t like Ikuto all that much. In fact, I’d say I’m more of a TadasexAmu fan. 😛 *ducks from incoming tomatoes from all directions*

      • LOL. Kukai + Utau is cute, I agree. :DD I used to catch the show regularly, but all these hype about it and the less than 30min anime in Shugo Chara Party just bores me now. :3
        I’m quite indifferent to Ikuto, though I sometimes cringe whenever I see ‘Ikuto is so sexy!’ ‘Amuto!’ comments. I have nothing against them or the fans who like them, it’s just me, lol. I just don’t quite agree that an 18 year old guy would like a 12 year old girl. I don’t have anything against the age difference, it’s only because the two are so child-like sometimes, and yet have these weird moments of sexual tension (probably fanservice, meh) that really baffles me.

        • It is cute. To think it all started with ramen. XDD
          I never understood why they’re cutting it to 12 minute episodes (including OP and ED) while the remaining is for… Well, you know, extremely kiddy stuff.
          The concept of ‘age’ never made sense in the anime world. But at the same time, I think that’s why I’m more for Tadase and Amu, because they give off the ‘puppy-love’ feel, while Ikuto and Amu get the “weird moments of sexual tension.” Maybe when they’re older, yes, but for the time being, all it is is forced fanservice. 😛 (in my opinion anyway).
          …I feel like I’m about to incur the wrath of the thousands of Amuto fans around the world. XDD

          • Haha! Yes. And episode 19 was another Ramen not-date. 8DD
            Well. It’s a kids’ show. :||| Though it kind of reminds me of some Hi-5 thing now, ha!
            …I feel like I’m about to incur the wrath of the thousands of Amuto fans around the world. XDD
            You and me both. You and me both. 8D
            I think I get what you mean. Though I don’t ship Tadase/Amu either. Maybe it’s because most girls either fantasise about having a ‘Prince Charming’ to sweep them off their feet (Tadase) or a tall, dark and handsome guy to be their… ‘Dark Knight’ (Ikuto)? LMAO I sound really corny. 8D
            Fanservice can be a good and bad thing. *nods sagely* In this case it’s quite okay, I guess, since most of the girls watching it like it, and it’s mostly innocent anyway.
            And while I am on the topic of fanservice, I don’t mind it mostly, and am even happy about it sometimes, but I absolutely cannot stand stupid pantyshots fanservice like ‘the wind blowing up the girl’s skirt’ scenes. Especially when the character is those shy, demure types. I think it totally destroys the character, reducing whatever personality and character the author built up to just a sex object or something. :<< If I want to look at women in their undergarments, I would go for a series with a higher rating.
            It’s fine when the character is an assertive type and deliberately flaunts her assets, but ‘accidental pantyshots’ are a major pet peeve for me.
            Sorry for the slight rant! :3

            • I quite like how they’ve developed into a kind of friendship where Kukai knows exactly what to say (in the way of a taunt) to push Utau in the right direction. The way they interact feels so natural.
              To me, there’s a difference between a kids show and being an extremely kiddy show. XD Shugo Chara Pary! is leaning towards the latter at the moment. ^^;;
              You and me both. You and me both. 8D
              Shall we build a fortress to protect ourselves? XDD
              That reminds me, what exactly is the relationship between Amu and Tadase? Are they dating or is it the I-really-like-you-but-we’re-not-together? I only saw that part where Tadase said “I love you” to Amu (because Utau was in that episode haha! And it also happens to be the ramen episode, I believe). Amu’s “love life” feels so awkward to me whether it’s with Ikuto or Tadase. Realistically speaking though, I don’t see that relationship (TadasexAmu) lasting (even though it is cute) because neither seems to know how to act when around each other.
              It’s funny, but I never considered Tadase to be “Prince Charming” even though he obviously is portrayed as one. XDD;; But yeah, I guess I do see Ikuto as the “Dark Knight.” XDD
              Somehow, I get the feeling you’re talking about Rosario + Vampire. XDD But yeah, I completely agree. Senseless fanservice (though it can argued that all fanservice is senseless…) simply takes away from the series. Sometimes, I would stop and wonder what the point is with those “accidental panty shots” or other similar things. Fanservice, what is it for? I would get the impression that the author/producer/scriptwriter/creator did not have enough confidence that the story alone can carry the series to high viewership and so relies on fanservice to gain that higher rating. *shrugs*
              And no need apologize. I’ve gone off on a rant myself. XDD Not to mention, I like reading good rants! :3

  2. *replying here so my comment doesn’t shrink* 😀
    Ahaha. I like how you describe the Kukai/Utau relationship. I really like their interaction. ❤
    The only thing regrettable is the waste of good animators. Since I’ve always found Shugo Chara to have quality animation. :/
    That reminds me, what exactly is the relationship between Amu and Tadase? Are they dating or is it the I-really-like-you-but-we’re-not-together?
    I… have no idea either. I guess they were trying to get to the steady stage but got distracted/interrupted? And I think the series is heading towards Amuto anyways. :||
    Maybe because Tadase is a little too cute to be a prince charming? lol. I find him a little jailbait, orz. >.>
    I wasn’t thinking of any particular series, honest! 8D Though I think Rosario’s fanservice is a little bit ‘wtf’ (all the bats and inner!Moka high-kick pantyshots?) to me so I don’t get disgusted by it, lol.
    I would get the impression that the author/producer/scriptwriter/creator did not have enough confidence that the story alone can carry the series to high viewership and so relies on fanservice to gain that higher rating. *shrugs*
    *nods* Yes! Have more confidence, authors! Have you read the series Bakuman? They mention pantyshots and the like in some chapters, and even have ‘fanservice techniques’. I’m both amused and worried that it is true for most manga and their creators. Bakuman is a good manga series, though. :3

    • *looks at time* Do you not sleep? XD;; It’s really late where you are, isn’t it?
      I agree. Shugo Chara is one of those series with consistent good quality animation. *thinks back to Digimon’s serious lack of consistency in terms of good animation* >_>;;
      See, that’s the other problem. If Amu and Tadase are together, yet the series is heading down the Amuto path, that’s not a good message to send across (especially considering this is a so-called kids show). >_>;;
      I find him a little jailbait, orz. >.>
      *coughmorethanalittlecough* 8D
      Rosario’s fanservice is too ‘wtf’ for my liking. If not for Nana-san and Misato being involved, I don’t think I could have gotten past episode 1. XP And about the bats… I think their appearance is dependent on the broadcaster. I’ve heard that not all channels used the bats as a censor…
      Nope, never read Bakuman. Might check it out some time though. :3

      • Yea it’s 4+AM over here. I got addicted to playing Anagram Magic over at miniclip, lol.
        Digimon? Hmm. I can’t remember if the animation was bad or not. It’s a really nostalgic anime for me so I only have fond memories of it, ha! :DD Good plot and good characters?
        But kids dating when they are only 12 isn’t that good a message to send, either… I get what you mean, though.
        For Rosario, maybe it’s because of the added humor? Crack fanservice? 8D I find this easier to digest? And lol at the crack polygamy in the manga. 8D
        You should if you have the time! I’m not sure about your tastes or the genre you prefer, but there’s a good chance you would like it. 😀

        • To be playing a game at 4AM in the morning… Yup, that takes some serious addiction dedication. XDD
          I loved the Digimon series. It remains to be one of my all-time favourites (character development are all so real and amazing in the Adventure & 02 series). But because of inconsistency in art, the not-as-good-animation comes out as a sharp contrast to the better ones (it is extremely apparent in the Savers series).
          I keep forgetting that they’re 12. XDD;; I only remember Ikuto being the oldest in that group (and Utau and Kukai are a year older than Amu). XDD
          Admittedly, yes, almost every minute/frame of Rosario is pure crack. ^^;;
          I tend to read/watch a wide range of genre. As long as it has a good plot and character development, then I’m all for it! 8D

          • Haha! I can’t help it! :DDD
            Yes, and yes and yes! I don’t think I noticed or remember the inconsistency in art, but it’s a pity if that’s the case. :\ Though I still love the series. 😀
            LOL. Yea that’s the thing. Most are still elementary school kids. 8D I’m not so sure but I seem to recall Utau being a year older than Kukai?
            BTW, random youtube browsing again, and I found this:

            I wonder which radio programme it’s from?

            • So Utau is two years older than Amu? :O Interesting…
              And it sounds like another great song by Nana-san! 😀
              From the YouTube comments, it seems to be from HIDE radio (HIDE could be a short form the actual name though…) But I have no clue.

              • I think the author made Utau older than Amu so as to make her being a ‘singer superstar’ more believable? Her songs and image are a little ‘adult’ after all. 😀
                Haha we should! Wish I know who the hosts are. :DD Are there many such radio programmes? The song should at the most be just an insert song for the game or something? It’s surprising that it would be leaked on a radio show? Perhaps the show was promoting the game. :3

    • Yes, it’s likely from that internet radio. :3
      I… find myself developing stalkerish tendencies ever since encountering Nana. v.v
      I’ve always had stalker-ish tendencies, but it has been leveled up many times since I became a fan of Mizuki Nana. XDD

  3. on the 1st hear,w/o watch the show(well,i only watch when utau appears) i almost thought that hey~is that suppose to be fate’s char song?hahas but yea,i really only understand why she sang like this after watching….but i wld still prefer the normal powerful yet touching voice~(like the last few songs…)
    p.s. i think is very difficult for nana chan to sing this song in such a voice ba?

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