There’s a first time for everything… [Mizuki Nana, Shugo Chara]

How is it that I never know about Shugo Chara Character Song Collection releases until very close to its release date? It was like that for Character Song Collection 2 and it was the same this time as well (Shugo Chara Character Song Collection 3). I wouldn’t have known at all if I wasn’t listening to a-fanfan11 水樹奈々のPOWER GATE第95回(10年2月) yesterday.

Before you click on the following YouTube video, a word of warning. It’s not your usual song sung by Hoshina Utau (Mizuki Nana). It’s very different. If you’re wondering why, go watch Shugo Chara Party! 19. (Yes, I only watch episodes where Utau makes an appearance — Don’t know what I’d do if fans didn’t do episode-by-episode summaries on Wikipedia XD).

My impression of Akane iro no Sora by Hoshina Utau