This is certainly a surprise… [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #032 (2010,02,05)

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t know the Dragonball series, right? Even Nana-san felt a bit awkward when she had to give a summary of the series (she laughed when she said there might be some people out there who doesn’t know it). XD

Now, I’m not surprised Nana-san was a DB fan. I remember reading about it somewhere once.

What surprised me, however, was that she was a GokuxBulma fan. :O I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

Then, I also remembered that she was a Trunks fan. So I found it hilarious when she said that, “But then Vegeta and Bulma married and gave birth to Trunks, so it’s okay.” XDD

On another note, I find it amusing how The World of M has gone from Dragon Quest neta to Fate neta. XDD There was a part where she used to say “Dragon kiri” (Dragon Slash) and now she’s saying “Arc Saber.” XDD


5 comments on “This is certainly a surprise… [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Dragon Ball!! 😀 Prob. not everyone in the world would know it.. but… everyone in Japan??? 😉 (I also feel like almost all those, who were kids at the time liked DB. :D)
    And yay for being a Trunks fan and boo for being a Goku/Bulma fan. XDD
    (Come to think of it.. the fact that Trunks is their kid prob. played a big part in the popularity of the Vegeta/Bulma pairing. XDD)

    • I guess because even my grandparents know the series (not the specific details, but they do know of a spiky-haired character by the name of Son Goku since he’s based off of a famous character from the novel “A Journey to the West”), I came to assume that most people in the world who has a TV would know it. XDD;;
      Interesting point you’ve brought up there… I never really would’ve connected the existence of Trunks to contribute to the popularity of Vegeta/Bulma. XDD;;

      • *laughs* Depends on the country. 😀 My grandparents would have missed it and my parents and friends only know about it, because of my ridiculous enthusiasm. 😀
        Hmm… I remember reading about it..(the fact why the pairing is popular) It does make sense though, because at the time one prob. wouldn’t have thought of Vegeta/Bulma, but Trunks makes an impressive appearance, and if the reason for his existence is that pairing, then: Yay to that. XDD
        For me it was a little different though, since my first contact with DB was a random episode on TV (in Germany)… during which Freeza kills Vegeta, I watched a few more until I got fed up and later watched an ep in which Bulma(first time seeing that character) and Vegeta have a kid. XDD So… the pairing was already there. Aaaanyway.. DBZ started airing back in Finland and I started following it with the pairing in mind.. XD (and then I found the manga, which I didn’t read chronologically anyway, and became obsessed with DB and certain DB-related… things. XDD)
        Yay for mini ramble. 😀

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