Nanoha Menu [MSLN]

^Am I the only one who went O.o when seeing those images for the first time? I mean, they even have the “Admiral Lindy tea set” (aka the legendary green tea + sugar + milk combo). …No comment… Just no comment…

Anyway, close up shots of the actual food can be found on the main website NANOHA x Pasela X Collaboration website

While I’m on the topic of MSLN anyway… Yukarin’s My wish, My love is really nice. There’s just something soft, peaceful, and flowing about the song.
I think I might like it more than Mahou no kotoba and Chiisana Hana wo (though there’s probably some severe bias towards Chiisana Hana wo since it’s the ending to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st Drama CD -Side N-). :3

On another note… Should I be worried that I still haven’t gotten my copy of PHANTOM MINDS yet? I’m still trying to figure out why YesAsia used Air Mail this time instead of the usual Canadian Standard since… Air Mail seems to always be stuck at customs for a while longer… -__-;;

10 comments on “Nanoha Menu [MSLN]

    • I don’t know why, but dessert!Nanoha looks funny. Must be the chocolate ‘eyes’ on the ice cream. XD
      I always use YesAsia and they’ve always shipped my orders using Canadian Standard (except for this time), so the wait was never more than a week…
      And from the sounds of it, you seem to have had similar not-so-good experiences with Canadian customs?

      • lol, I was laughing more at Shamal in the first panel. Then… The end… ;__;
        Mmm, I’m just starting to order my Nanoha/seiyuu stuff, so my only not-so-good experience with Canadian customs is how the duty fee thing eats me alive. I imported the Nanoha PSP game from AmiAmi as well as the dinky Nanoha accessory set, which cost about 80$ total, and got fee’d nearly 20$.
        No one informed me that orders over a certain amount with Amazon would make customs rape me, too; got DIAMONDxFEVER, dreamy maple crown, You & Me and PHANTOM MINDs as well as a 41$ fee. The Nanoha movie OST had no fee because it came all by itself, so it looks like Silent Bible won’t eat me.
        I’m trying HMV right now except my order of Seiyuu Animedia is still On Order. fffff, I want My wish My love in my hands. 😐

        • Haha, yes, can’t forget Shamal there. XD
          Since I’ve only ever ordered from YesAsia, I never had the duty fee problem. They take care of it. You might want to check out YesAsia next time (if duty/tax is your main problem)… They have free shipping if your order accumulates to $40+ too (slower shipping though). :3 But obviously, it has its share of bad points in other areas and thus why people switch between YesAsia and CDJapan all the time. 😐

          • Hmm, have you ordered something over 100$ from YesAsia before? ’cause yeah, Amazon doesn’t seem worth it unless I’m getting a decent amount of stuff.
            I’ve been told to stick with CDJapan, despite being expensive, and I should have gone with them for the Nanoha Movie OST to make sure I’d get a poster. Oh well.
            Oh Canada, why do you have customs & duty fees that seem completely absurd. I wouldn’t care too much if it was 10$ or so, but 41$ is a bit much.
            …. Did your copy of Phantom Minds arrive yet? o.o; And sorry if I’m bothering you. orz

            • Yup, I ordered Live Fighter and Live DiamondxFever from YesAsia, both, as you know, are over $100. Blu-ray was cheaper… But alas, I have no blu-ray player. OTL
              CDJapan has all the goodies that come along with a release (which is one big plus), but poster means bigger box which means… well, custom troubles (from what I’ve heard anyway)… >_>;;
              “Oh Canada, why do you have customs & duty fees that seem completely absurd.”
              New lyrics to our national anthem? *runs away quickly* XDD;;
              Yes, my copy of Phantom Minds arrived! ^_^
              And don’t apologize for something you didn’t do. You’re not bothering me at all. ;D It takes a lot to bother me online. XDD

              • >> But alas, I have no blu-ray player.
                Can’t play it on your computer? D:
                >> New lyrics to our national anthem? *runs away quickly* XDD;;
                srsly. I just got 4 DVDs in one package and got taxed 45$. Hmm, wait.
                HMV: 4DVDs w/multi-buy + shipping + custom fee = 263$
                YesAsia: Same DVDs + free shipping + no fee = 296$
                – Thing is, one of the DVDs can’t be found on YesAsia and I can’t find some of the other things I’m interested in either.
                fff, too tired to check the difference between the price of Amazon and HMV to ship as they come. YesAsia looks good if I’m buying just one or two DVDs/BDs, but my problem is how I’m buying them in groups of at least four.
                Ack, it feels like I’m using your LJ to note stuff for myself. ._.; I don’t know any other Canadian that imports stuff.

              • Unfortunately, no… No blu-ray on my computer either…
                I’ve always only bought one thing at a time from YesAsia (which is probably why it almost always ends up being the slightly cheaper option for me), but yeah, I can see how buying several things at once will result in orders being more expensive.
                So I’m assuming often buy in groups of four?
                There’s no problem in using my LJ to note stuff. XD It doesn’t cause me any problems. In fact, I think it’s more trouble for yourself for having to keep referring back to this post. 😛

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