Spirituality? [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第408回【デジラジ音源】

I was going to write about this last night… But I got a bit freaked out by what Nana-san was saying halfway so I… just went to sleep. XDDD

So to take the photos for the Live Academy pamphlet, Nana-san visited the studio (that has a very antique-feel to it — which translates to a place for photo shoots that house a lot of european antique items) from 2 years ago. She was very surprised to be able to go to that studio again.
She actually said she felt as though that particular studio was ‘calling out’ to her.

Before I move on, I think we all need to understand that Nana-san more or less believes in spiritual experiences. This all started with her trip to London where she started crying for no apparent reason when sitting in this big old chair for the photo shoot. It led to the talk about Nana-san being an European in her past life. I think she mentioned on MJ once that the words ‘I’m home’ just left her mouth when she entered one of the buildings… And she wasn’t even thinking of anything at that point.

Going back to this studio in Japan, there was some sort of cross in the studio and when the photo shoot ended, she was given a chance to hold the cross… And much like the time in London, she started crying for no apparent reason. Obviously she was told a bunch of (religious) stuff (that I’m not going to go into because, to be honest, I didn’t understand much of it). I remember something about the cross having the power to purify and give energy to certain chosen people (and Nana-san said she felt the energy flowing through her).

Moving on… SAYURI (Nana-san’s best friend and lyricswriter) visits Nana-san at the her workplace from time to time, and when she showed up that day… The guy said that SAYURI and Nana-san were sisters in past life and that’s why they’re inseparable.
The scary thing? After being told that, SAYURI suddenly says that she hears children… (and there aren’t any children around!) And the guy said that it’s because they’re ‘calling.’
This part really scared me! ^^;; There’s more, but Nana-san said that’s all she’s allowed to reveal so… Yeah, I think that’s enough for us anyway.

So yeah… How much you believe is up to you. I personally have a theory about the crying that does not involve ‘spirituality’… But hey, we all have our own views.

By the way, I’m a bit short on time (after all that Smile-Gang stuff), but the following video is WORTH CHECKING OUT. Especially if you want to see/hear 8 year old Nana-san singing. And Polaris sneak peek sounds awesome already. Sounds like a song I’m going to like. :3

^Will post translations to some parts if time permits tomorrow. :3

7 comments on “Spirituality? [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Oooooookay. .__.
    She’s getting a lot more of TV interviews since Kouhaku ! Hoorah \o/
    OMG loli nana loli nana nana nana nana nana *brain explodes*
    Love watching those TV specials : we get to see Nana in cuuuute clothes ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I haven’t had any ‘spiritual’ experiences, but I wouldn’t doubt them at the go. Perhaps it was something spiritual, or perhaps it was some sudden overwhelming sense of nostalgia? Who knows? 😀 I’ve had many cases of déjà vu before and at times, random feelings of helplessness that lasts a few seconds… I doubt they were ‘spiritual’ though. :DD
    I’m glad I’ve watched that video yesterday since it’s being taken down already. Too bad I forgot to download it. 😐

    • I’ve had overwhelming sense of nostalgia and cases of déjà vu as well, but I wouldn’t pass it off as ‘spiritual’ myself. I tend to look for reasons why. I’m more of the ‘logical’ type, I guess. *shrugs*
      I downloaded it. I can upload it for you when I get home tonight if you want. :3

        • Yup, I watched that too. I couldn’t help but grin when people on the streets (who were obviously fans of Mizuki Nana) answered “She’s a living legend!” “Queen of anime world” and “She’s like a goddess” when asked the question of What kind of existence is Mizuki Nana to you?

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