Smile-Gang 407 – SILENT BIBLE [Mizuki Nana, MSLN]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第407回【デジラジ音源】
^Last Smile-Gang broadcast as a 29 year old for Nana-san! The next time we hear her on Smile-Gang, she will be 30! XDD

The long awaited talk about Kouhaku has arrived! Nana-san is such a fangirl. XD But from the sounds of it, all the enka singers are very nice. The fact that Nakamura Mitsuko acted very much like a mother by trying to keep Nana-san at her side at all times (“I need to make sure you’re within sight!” “Nana-chan, come over here!” “Don’t go anywhere where I can’t see you.”) XDDD Also, Nana-san gave Sakamoto Fuyumi-san a copy of Koma Gekijou DVD (which very surprisingly, she watched it that night despite being so busy with Kouhaku) and got complimented “I watched it~ I almost I was singing it!” XD
And it’s pretty awesome that even though Nana-san is not an enka singer, quite a few know who she is (Nana-san herself was quite shocked at this).

Apparently, fans being at Kouhaku and screaming “NANA-SAN/CHAN!” really helped her out. She said she felt a lot calmer at knowing that her fans were there… And the light sticks helped too because for a moment, she felt like she was doing her own live instead of being at Kouhaku.

Anyway, Kouhaku aside though… SILENT BIBLE at 15:29.
Lyrics were written in 3 hours, which was very fast for Nana-san.

My views on the song as a Mizuki Nana and Nanoha fan:
SILENT BIBLE – Yagami Hayate & WolkenReitter–>I have to say though, with SILENT BIBLE and PHANTOM MINDS both being Nanoha songs… I prefer PHANTOM MINDS. I think it’s the melody. I like the chorus but aside from that, I can’t get into SILENT BIBLE.

About the lyrics, to me, it didn’t work out as well as PHANTOM MINDS.
For PHANTOM MINDS, it’s Fate. It was completely written in Fate’s point of view. It is a slight change from Innocent Starter because that song was alternating between Nanoha and Fate’s view (as opposed to purely Fate), but either way, I am reminded of the story for both songs.

SILENT BIBLE, on the other hand, while still fitting to the A’s series (it is the opening to the The Battle of Aces after all), requires a slight stretch. When I close my eyes and listen to the song, I am not immediately reminded of A’s. I have to actually think and apply it to A’s instead of being reminded of the series naturally.
Now, SILENT BIBLE is about Hayate and the WolkenReitter. I would not think of Nanoha or Fate at any point of the song. ETERNAL BLAZE was a bit like that too, except every now and then, some parts of the lyrics could be applied to Nanoha or Fate. I didn’t really hear that this time.

Nonetheless, still a great song, but personally, can’t compare to PHANTOM MINDS in my opinion.


21 comments on “Smile-Gang 407 – SILENT BIBLE [Mizuki Nana, MSLN]

    • Oh ! I didn’t know she was into that stuff ! ^o^
      Yeah, and because those stuff are old/rare, they’re pretty expensive. XDD I must say, I was surprised when she posted her collection on her blog. She never struck me as the type who liked that kind of stuff. ^^;;
      “When my mum saw the Live DiamondxFever when I watched it, she said “Oh dear, this girl must be rich, having concerts and being that popular.”
      My mom said something similar. She saw the ‘making-of’ section of DiamondxFever, and she noticed that a lot of Nana-san’s clothes are of the Juicy Couture brand. XDDD;;
      I’m proud of her too. She has come a long way since her debut. :3

        • If you went through her older entries on her blog, you’ll come across a lot more pictures of her collection. XD And it was mainly because of her collection that it took many people to help her move to her new apartment. XDDD
          The ‘making-of’ is usually the best part of anything (including those Nana Clips DVD). She’s always so cute. ❤

  1. It has an interesting arrangement, is all I can say for now. Will wait for the CD quality version. 8D
    It does have a more ‘battle-feel’ as compared to Phantom Minds though. And fits the opening of a battle game. :3

    • Hm… I suppose you’re right about it fitting a battle game. I think I was comparing it too much to ETERNAL BLAZE since they’re both supposed to be about A’s. ^^;;
      PHANTOM MINDS was never supposed to be about ‘battle’ though so the ‘battle-feel’ wouldn’t be there. :3

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