Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2009 [Mizuki Nana]


That was an awesome performance. On stage, Nana-san didn’t look nervous at all. And as expected, Cherry Boys and Agematsu Mika were with her. 😀

And it might come across a little weird (to people who don’t know her) that she was smiling that bright smile when they mentioned her father passing away last year (most people start crying), but I think her answer was great, “I’m sure he will be standing with me on stage today!”

Also, was it just me or did people’s cheers come across to be much louder when Nana-san appeared? XDD And the Digital Support Team kept mentioning that “She’s really amazing” when they were on stage (before the singing) with her. XD

BUT YEAH! I’M GLAD I WOKE UP AT 5AM (I have 14 hour time difference with Japan) TO WATCH NANA-SAN LIVE ON KOUHAKU!!! XDDD

Again, I have to say, that was a great performance! Congratulations Nana-san! 😀

EDIT: So I’m sure most know about this already, but White Team won again this year! Honestly, I’m not surprised. However, it does get a little frustrating when they always win by a landslide… >_< Though I have to say, White Team ended off really strong with Kitajima Saburou.


2 comments on “Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2009 [Mizuki Nana]

  1. I don’t know why, but I was so nervous when watching Nana sing, lol. I guess watching it live really makes a difference! Thank you pplive, for only screwing up and hanging at random intervals after Nana performed. 8DD
    Love the performance, love the dress, love Nana, and will continue to do so for 2010!
    The audience’s otagei wasn’t that good, haha! But it was nice of them to give out light sticks for Nana’s performance! It looked beautiful and looked like one of her personal lives. If only they had waved the sticks to the beat correctly, though! 😀
    /edit: Happy New Year!! ❤

    • You weren’t the only one. 😉 I breathed a sigh of relief when the performance ended and nothing went wrong. ^^;; And not too long after that, thoughts of “That was a great performance!” “Awesome!” “Yay!” entered my brain. XDDD
      PPLive was hanging at random intervals AFTER Nana-san performed? You’re lucky. I was paranoid because it started hanging 2 performances before Nana-san and I was thinking… “Don’t tell you’re going to freeze when the most important part comes up!” Thankfully, everything was fine (though it did meet a minor glitch at the beginning of her performance which scared me). XDD
      Well said! Will continue to love Mizuki Nana in 2010! XD
      I was surprised they had light sticks since Kouhaku had always been more “formal.” I can’t remember if they had light sticks last year (for other singers)…
      And Happy New Year to you too! 😀

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