Last Smile-Gang Broadcast of 2009 [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第404回【デジラジ音源】

I have to wonder… I really have to wonder… Is it okay for someone who is going to appear on Kouhaku to be doing this? XDDD;;
The first part of the Smile-Gang was done in PUBLIC, over the phone. Because Nana-san is doing everything on the phone, no one knows she is doing a radio show. Imagine what the general public thinks of her. In fact, she kept saying, “But people are LOOKING!” whenever Misato told her to do something. XDD

I feel so bad for Nana-san. ^^;; Because this is the last broadcast of 2009, the points accumulated for the “punishment game” throughout the year come into play. And so… We hear what we hear on this week’s Smile-Gang. XD

Anyway, she must’ve been cold outside doing the radio show on the street. So when she went back to the studio, the staff gave her a drink to warm up… And ewww….. they gave her Hot (warm) tomato juice… Ew. Ew. *shudders* -__-;; But the odd sounds Nana-san made during the drinking of the tomato juice was cute. XDD

After that… Kiss-fest? XDDD;; For every situation Misato throws/reads out, Nana-san has to give a kiss. Very embarrassing (and this section was very long XD), but that’s why Nana-san has to do it to “pay off” for her points. XDD

After that, full version of SPREAD OF CROSS! 😀

To end off… Misato reminds Nana-san that she still has ONE point to clear off (she had a total of 4 points to pay for — so she should have done 4 activities, but she only did 3 so far). The fourth one… will not be done. Unless she plans to ruin the rest of her career, it cannot be done. In fact, Sigma Seven will be in some big trouble if she did that (I think the entire King Records will be dragged down too). XD;; She was told to sing a certain line (the one you hear her sing here in at 26:42) in front of Kitajima Saburou right before Kouhaku. XD
I suppose this is another way of saying they’re letting her off for the last point. XDD

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