It is currently 12:04AM where I am (and I’m aware that pretty much everyone on my f-list are ahead of me in terms of timezone) so…


I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful day! =D

Have one of Nana-san’s older Christmas songs. :3

I personally think the NON-Holy Night version sounds more Christmas-y, but I don’t think anyone uploaded that to YouTube… ^^;;

9 comments on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    • There has been a severe lack of Christmas spirit in my city, need some Christmas-y songs to remind myself it’s Christmas. XDD
      PS: Your 3 part long comment made my day. I started laughing when I saw my inbox with the notifications. XDD;;
      And again, Merry Christmas! =D

      • Can’t say that there was much Christmas spirit here either…
        Though I guess it was mostly because I just isolated myself too much.
        XDD Sorry about my insane rambling.*bows* Must have been tough to stomach. XDD

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