The Eternal Diva – Opera [Mizuki Nana]

Because I’m sure we’ve all been waiting to hear an uninterrupted version of Nana-san’s opera singing.

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva – Music Library

Chapter 4 on the sidebar (on the right) is the opera song. Chapter 2 and 3 are also songs sung by Nana-san (as the character Jenice Caitlain – so the opera feel is there as well).

For those of you who have problems loading up the official website, here’s the NicoNico version with all 3 songs together:

水樹奈々 永遠の歌姫

…Once again, Nana-san’s talents know no bounds. :3


14 comments on “The Eternal Diva – Opera [Mizuki Nana]

        • Ai no Tears !
          XDDD That is so fitting!
          I don’t think I’m going to buy the LanFan character song… Although Nana-san did mention that it’s a type of song that is quite different from what she usually sings (not that it says much since Nana-san always sings different things…).
          Speaking of which… I should catch up on FMA: Brotherhood if just to see how she sounds like as LanFan. :3

  1. Ugh, both you and jouttex just love to remind me of how Nana has this habit of eating my wallet.
    And I love how firefox has crashed two times trying to load opera Nana.

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