Mizuki Nana to Appear on Kohaku – CONFIRMED [Mizuki Nana]

Currently at school so I’ll put a link to the YouTube video (one sentence mention only but that’s more than enough :D) and screencap the singers’ list for the Red Team when I get home (which won’t be until another 6 to 7 hours… OTL)


…And yes, it is also posted on ANN but details are sketchy in my opinion.


And thanks to raizoo and lavendettadulce for the notification. 😀


11 comments on “Mizuki Nana to Appear on Kohaku – CONFIRMED [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Glad it’s confirmed! I saw this slightly dubious newspaper from another source, lol. :DD
    Wonder what she’d sing… Probably Eternal Blaze? LOL. Either that or one song from the album Ultimate Diamond that got 1st position at Oricon weekly?
    I dunno if it’s unfair that she’s the Kouhaku PR and gets to sing at the stage though. And everybody knows how the NHK producer has good relations with Nana ever since she appeared in Music Japan. But since Kouhaku is invite-only… But Nana has achieved 10 consecutive top 10 Oricon chart weekly positions, and sure to have 11, 12 because of the Nanoha songs, lol, so no one can deny that she is one of the popular singers right now. 😀
    /edit: Here is the confirmed list: http://www9.nhk.or.jp/kouhaku/artists/index.html
    Also, KR better make Nana a presentable stage outfit! :3

    • Songs sung at Kohaku tend to have had “impact” when it was released. A song from Ultimate Diamond is likely, but I’m thinking that STORIES is rather likely because it was the Ekiden image song and it was very motivational.
      In terms of her achievements, she is qualified to be on Kouhaku. But I understand what you are thinking… It almost feels like this is a last-minute entry… But her achievements speak for her.
      The only thing I’m worried about is Nana-san’s performance on the actual day… There’s no doubt she’d be very nervous… and I think we all know what happens when she’s extremely nervous…
      And thanks for the link! I saw that earlier but I wanted to screencap it and circle/highlight Nana-san’s name (which I couldn’t do on my netbook that I bring to school because I lack a mouse and proper programs).
      Something would be seriously wrong with KR if they don’t prepare presentable stage outfits for her. XDD

      • Stories? That song’s pretty mainstream-sounding, so there is a chance it might be sung on Kouhaku, but it’s not the song Nana’s well known for… Hmm.
        Yea she mentioned in today’s blog entry that she would definitely be very nervous on that day. 8D But even her ‘worst’ performances are much better than some. lol. And she would surely practise many times for the live till it’s perfect. Hopefully she’ll be able to immerse in the music till she don’t know where she is, haha! She has conquered a 30,000 audience before, so I hope she won’t have any stage fright. :3

        • Nana-san has so many potential songs she can sing. XD
          Yeah, when I read the entry a few hours ago (I kept refreshing the page waiting for her to update while working on assignments XD), I couldn’t help but grin. She’s making one dream come true after another. She truly is one amazing person.
          I don’t think stage fright can ever be conquered. It really depends on how she deals with it the day of. But we shall all have faith in Nana-san! 😀

          • Now that I think about it, I think Shin Ai has the highest chance! It’s a song released this year, the single having a #2 position (and one #1 daily position, lol! 🙂 and was also included in the Ultimate Diamond album. It has a PV, and is relatively well-known, since it’s an anime OP and Nana also sung it live at MJ; her first MJ appearance!
            (Now that I think about it, it’s scary how Nana only started appearing at MJ this year and till now she has been there for a total of 6 times! (Though SP2 hasn’t aired yet.) @~@ added to the fact that she became the narrator and sung EB. MJ’s regular audience should know her pretty well by now. 8D)

            • That’s possible now that you mention it… XDD;; But the songs on Kohaku doesn’t necessarily have to be released this year so… Anything is still possible. 😀
              That’s so true! She’s a regular on MJ now (not just voice-wise XD)! Yup, and when we think of the things she has been doing/achieving, can’t help but once again realize how awesome Nana-san truly is. 😀 XD

              • But the songs on Kohaku doesn’t necessarily have to be released this year so… Anything is still possible. 😀
                Eh is that so? I guess some Enka singers just keep singing that same old (but such a classic) song, but I thought things would be different for singers appearing at Kouhaku for the first time. Hmm. Which song do you hope she would sing, though? 8D
                2009 is such a major breakthrough in her career! Nana really has worked really, extra hard this year to make all this happen. Think of how she only had one? TV appearance in 2008! (Trickster at Music Fighter.. Though I think the songs featured at Music Fighter are more rockish? Mostly bands?)
                Her first single (not counting the Enka tape 🙂 was released in 2000, and until 2009 she was still quite an unknown. The appearance at MJ really paved the path for her to Kouhaku and possible mainstream success. I don’t really understand the mainstream/otaku thing, I just support Nana and wish that she’ll continue singing and continue to enjoy it, along with her seiyuu roles. 😀

  2. here’s the youtube link ! press conference with nana-san !
    My japanese isn’t that good but is she saying that she ‘ll sing enka ? I WOULD LOVE THAT (since they are already a bunch of j-pop artists in both teams) !

    • Yup, I saw that earlier. Thanks though! Because I use netbook at school as opposed to my laptop, typing and doing anything is not as convenient…
      I already translated what she said in my latest post, so enjoy! 😀

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