Mizuki Nana 22nd Single [Mizuki Nana]

Thanks to an anonymous commenter raizoo for the heads up!

Anyway, this is SERIOUSLY NEWS!

And yeah, this is very likely to be the “major announcement” Nana-san is to talk about on the next Smile-Gang.

To be released on February 10, 2010!

^Links to the Super Robo Taisen OG website

A total of 4 songs will be on the single.

Confirmed are:
1. Silent Bible (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Battle of ACES opening Theme)
2. UNCHAIN∞WORLD (Mugen no Frontier Super Robo Taisen OG opening Theme)

What is up with this rate of singles release?
Not that I’m complaining. XD …Except my wallet is… ;_;


9 comments on “Mizuki Nana 22nd Single [Mizuki Nana]

  1. First time I posted on your blog, so you shouldn’t know me. I’m mostly known as raizoo.
    Apparently, news about the single was told at the Nana FC event that was earlier today. Or yesterday.
    Seeing as Yukarin revealed info about her Nanoha single on her latest ep of Kurousagi, wouldn’t be surprised if Nana-sama did the same.
    She could make an album with all the singles she’s released since Diamond….

    • Nice to meet you then! And thanks for the info/link.
      The Nana FC event seemed to have been amazing from what I’ve read.
      Indeed, that is exactly what Nana-san did. This would be her shortest release time between singles.
      Haha… And to think, it hasn’t even been half a year since Ultimate Diamond was released. ^^;;

    • Rough translation of the comments section:
      On top of being in the role of Neju, I am also in charge of the opening theme!
      I am very happy to be involved in this hot-blooded series not only as a seiyuu, but as a singer as well.
      Neju truly goes on an active rampage!
      And the opening song “UNCHAIN∞WORLD” is a soul-shaking passionate song.
      To me, I felt that this was quite an intense series/production.
      Everyone, please play this game and feel the burning passion!

      ^I’m not really in the right of mind to translate, so here it is roughly. :3

    • I think Nana-san overworking herself everyday…
      But actually, considering most of the songs on the PHANTOM MINDS single was recorded long before (around the same time as Mugen), it’s not as bad.
      …This would be her shortest time between release dates (less than a month!)… Although, considering Silent Bible and UNCHAIN∞WORLD are opening themes for games that are to be released in January and February respectively, there’s no way the single can be delayed any further.

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