HIMEKA on the World of M [Mizuki Nana, music]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #021 (2009,11,20) ゲスト:HIMEKA

I’ll be honest. I did not know about HIMEKA until MUSIC JAPAN ANISON SP1. Yes, I fail as a Canadian. XDD But ever since listening to her live on MJSP1, I’ve started to pay a bit more attention.

Anyway, she was guest on this week’s Mizuki Nana World of M. For those who don’t know (did not watch MJSP1), HIMEKA is a huge Mizuki Nana fan. Nana-san revealed that they first met at the recording of MJSP1, and HIMEKA had come up to her, crying, and asked for her autograph (and she was holding a copy of ULTIMATE DIAMOND). XDD;;

And apparently, Nana-san and HIMEKA share many things in common (e.g. starting off in singing contests, heading to Tokyo without much consideration, being SLAYERS fan, etc.). I completely forgot Nana-san was a fan of Slayers until they mentioned it again here.

There’s also the voice acting corner this week. Nana-san is awesome and cute as always (she spoke in Fate-chan voice!).
HIMEKA is not a seiyuu but managed to come across cute too. (And I really liked it when she said “Daishippai” (Utter failure) afterwards. XDD)

a-fanfan11 水樹奈々のPOWER GATE第96回(09年11月)

^This is 73:21 long program. Let me say that my attention for listening to one thing at a time is 30 minutes MAX. And I listened to this program 3 days ago. Honestly, I can’t remember what happened. I don’t have to time to re-listen to this either.
BUT, what I DO remember is that… HIMEKA left a voice message here (she even asked Nana-san if she would be willing to be friends with her XD). Because of this voice message, Nana-san spoke quite a bit about HIMEKA.

What did Nana-san say?

Apparently… HIMEKA made her own t-shirt that said I LOVE NANA MIZUKI – MY GOD(DESS).
…You know, that takes dedication. ^^;; I’d buy a shirt that says that, but I wouldn’t actually make one myself. XDD;; I guess that means I fail as a Nana fan too… ^^;;

That’s all for now. Nana-san said on last week’s Smile-Gang that she has some major special news to announce on the next broadcast… I guess we will find out what this “major announcement” is in 2 days. :3


6 comments on “HIMEKA on the World of M [Mizuki Nana, music]

  1. Thank you for this! I don’t know if I could be considered a HIMEKA fan, but I do think her voice is very beautiful, and so far, I love all the songs she has released. Though I’ve heard that she has some self-esteem, low confidence issues; added with the pressure of being in a foreign country where she can’t speak the language fluently.
    But it’s cool that Nana seems to like her, and probably amused yet flattered by HIMEKA’s actions, lol.

    • *nods* I agree that HIMEKA’s voice is clear and beautiful. 😀 And yeah, I quite like all her songs that she has sung so far (even though she hasn’t sung that many).
      Really? I didn’t know about the self-esteem thing… But yes… It is definitely a lot of pressure to be living in the Japanese society without being able to speak fluent Japanese… Though she’s really good already!
      If I were in Nana-san’s position, I’d be amused and flattered, so yeah, I think Nana-san feels the same. XDD;;

    • Thank you so much for the link!
      (By the way, do I know you?)
      But yes, that is very likely to be the major news. It’s rare for other official websites to release information about new singles before Smile-Gang so… something tells me this was not planned. XD

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