MUSIC JAPANアニソンスペシャル2 – PHANTOM MINDS [Mizuki Nana, MSLN]

Guh. I feel awful and I’m not entirely sure why…

According to Nana-san’s blog post, she sang PHANTOM MINDS on Music Japan Anisong Special 2.

I want to hear the song now!!! >_< It's the opening theme song for Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the MOVIE 1st so even more reason to want to hear it as soon as possible!!! I wonder if Nana-san wrote the lyrics this time as well?

While on the topic of MSLN openings… Innocent Starter is honestly one of the best songs ever. :3 It was an instant favourite when I first heard it (before I became an actual Nana fan) and it remains to be my favourite even now.
I guess, for that reason, I have higher than normal expectations for PHANTOM MINDS…

Ok, I feel sick now… ;_; I should sleep…


24 comments on “MUSIC JAPANアニソンスペシャル2 – PHANTOM MINDS [Mizuki Nana, MSLN]

  1. Wow that’s really fast. :DD *envies all the people who got to hear it*
    I’ve liked a lot of the ‘experimental-style’ songs Nana and co. have been producing recently, like Etsuraku Camelia, Maria&Joker, etc. but I’ve been missing the good old Nanoha songs like Innocent Starter and Eternal Blaze too. It’d be nostalgic and ironically (but not unwanted) refreshing if Phantom Minds is alike the rest of the Nanoha songs. <33
    /edit: Have a good rest and I hope you feel better! ❤

    • Why am I not Japanese and/or living in Japan? |||OTL
      I agree. One of the many reasons why I like Nana-san is because she doesn’t have just one single style to her songs. It’s always refreshing to listen to her. And Tenkuu no Canaria is so much <3.
      It’s been a while since we had something that was soft yet powerful (i.e. Innocent Starter – be it music or lyrics-wise) so I hope to hear something like that again from her. Eternal Blaze was awesome too, but it was more on the strong side compared to Innocent Starter. :3
      Thanks! I do feel better. I hope it’s a passing thing and that I won’t actually fall sick. >_<;;

      • Yep, like you said! I’m not sure if having lots of styles is good for her image and having loyal fans, but I do like the variety. 😀
        One thing I absolutely love about Nana is that she puts so much emotion into the songs she sing, and seems to understand them perfectly. From the warm and tender Naked Feels to the dark minor of Mugen, quite amazing how many styles she fits. I also suspect the reason her lives sound so perfect is because Nana is perfect when recording the songs, and very little editing is done to her voice. 😀 It’s Nana’s real, emotive voice through and through on the CDs and during lives!
        My favourite song of Nana’s, to this day, is still the rock ballad Hime Murasaki. ❤ And IMO, (one of, since there are quite a few 😉 her most perfect live version is Naked Feels from Live Universe. It's just, so heart-warming and I just melt (in a really feel-good way) when she hits and holds the high notes:

        /long comment is long and slightly irrelevant, so sorry! :3

        • Don’t worry about long comments. I like long comments! XDD And I spent more time watching the video than reading the comment… Even though I’ve rewatched the Live Museum x Universe DVD I-don’t-know-how-many-times already. XDDD
          I completely agree. And I think it really helped that she’s a seiyuu. She is able to picture herself in that situation and carry across the emotions that it actually reaches the heart of her audience.
          You’ve brought up a good point. Nana-san is always singing with her honest voice (from the bottom of her heart), even during recordings, that she is able to keep her standard.
          In terms of bringing out emotions (be it on CD or during a Live), I personally thought Last Scene was amazing. She brought out the sadness so well that it brought tears to my eyes several times. And it was MUCH later on, when I was listening to the audio commentary for Live Formula, that Nana-san said she actually cried (or at least teared up a bit) during the recording of Last Scene.
          …Now why do I suddenly have an urge to go re-watch one of her concert DVDs? XDD;;

          • Haha! I think I’m going to re-watch the DVD tonight. 8DD Can’t wait for Live Diamond x Fever! Never have I wished so much for X’mas to arrive sooner. :3
            Yea, she has mentioned that before, about how being a Seiyuu allows her to experience different situations, characters and feelings, and it helps her put in the emotion required for the songs. But I’m sure you knew all that already. :DD It’s kinda like how directors would ask their actors to get into a relationship so they can portray their love more realistically on screen, eh? 8DD
            Nana’s ballads during lives are always so much more beautiful. ❤ Even though her voice isn't that smooth and might not have the 'smoky/ghostly' quality other ballad singers (like Suara) have, her songs are still heartwarming, and as I've said, full of emotion. :DD I sound like a crazy fan, lol.
            Watch it!

            • I re-watched the first half of Live Museum yesterday (while working on assignments). XDD;; Will probably continue doing the same thing today. XD
              I can’t wait for Live Diamond x Fever either! I am a little frustrated that it’s being released on the 23rd though… All the holidays will delay the shipping and arrival of it to my house. D:
              Which is part of the reason why Nana-san will never give up her job as a seiyuu. And as fans, we’re all glad about that. 😀
              *nods nods* You can get a feel of the emotions so much better during her lives. It’s the emotions that puts her above all the other singers. :3
              We both sound like crazy fans, but that’s not a bad thing, is it? XDD
              (Speaking of SUARA, she’s a ballad singer, I know, but I really like Free and Dream.)
              I will!

              • Haha all this discussion about Nana is making us have cravings to re-watch our collection of live DVDs. :DD
                That’s why I had to spend more for faster shipping. :* Though CDJapan always ships my stuff on time. I paid for the lowest shipping cost and the longest wait is only one week.
                Ahaha. Yea, you’ve told me that you like Suara’s Free and Dream before. I still prefer her slower ballads. ❤
                /edit: btw, I’m currently watching this now: where Nana actually sings in it! lol.

              • Nana-san is our motivation, so having the craving to re-watch our collection of live DVDs isn’t a bad thing at all! XD
                …Sadly, I do not have money to spare to pay for express shipping. -__-;; And I use YesAsia because of their ‘free shipping.’ ^^;; Thankfully, YesAsia is always on time for me in terms of arriving 6 business days after the release. :3
                Eh… I loaded up the first few seconds and it sounds scary… -__-;;

              • Haha yes.
                I know CDJapan is rather expensive in terms of shipping, but they always package their stuff really nicely and securely, and so I keep going back to them. Haha.
                Yea, the show is supposed to be some kind of mystery, psychological genre thing, but there’s a mix of comedy in it and funny songs sung during the killing scenes, so I really don’t know what to think of it. It’s just really strange, might be worth a look, but I feel that the two main characters’ voice acting are a bit not up to par.

              • I’ve actually never ordered from CDJapan… Purely because of their shipping costs. -__-;; But CDJapan tend to have extras (i.e. posters) for certain products so I might order from them one day. 😛
                and funny songs sung during the killing scenes
                WHUT? O_O
                I am disturbed and I didn’t even watch it.

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