21st Single – PHANTOM MINDS [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第396回【デジラジ音源】

As announced near the end of this week’s Smile-Gang, Nana-san’s 21st single will be titled:


…Please don’t give me another Mugen-like MV… ;_;

Anyway, about this week’s Smile-Gang…

Nana-san spoke about her experience at the NHK Kohaku Digital Ouentai Press Conference. Before she went up on stage, she was thinking about how to answer certain questions if she were asked, but as soon as she stepped up onto the stage, and cameras started flashing, her mind went blank. XD When she was asked to talk, all she managed was “Eto~ Eh… Imsorryimreallynervous…Eh…” ^^;; Poor Nana-san. She described herself as being all “awa awa.” XD

Next up is the Sma-Dai campus life corner! This week, we have classes! (Misato as buta-sensei and Nana-san as student).

Misato: Good morning, mini pork!
Nana: Ah, morning.
Misato: Now let’s get started.
Nana: Yes.
Misato: Prepare yourself, mini pork.
Nana: Ah, yes. I understand.
Misato: I see you’re answering very well to your name of mini pork
Nana: *laughs* I just answered (without thinking).


Anyway, what do we learn about this week? Famous composers! In which case, Nana-san is given 30 seconds to talk about each of the famous composer Misato throws out.

These “famous composers” include: Beethoven, Bach, Kitajima Saburou, and… Mizuki Nana.

Nana-san knew next to nothing about Bach. XD And she didn’t know what to say when it came to Mizuki Nana. XDDD

Finally, now that Mugen has been released, new CM. Still “supposedly” recorded during foot massage (I hope everyone realizes that it’s a lie? XD). But I found the CM hilarious. Even Nana-san laughed after hearing it herself. XD


I’m not going to bother linking the video (as I know it’ll probably be removed within the next few hours), but IF there’s anyone who doesn’t already know… The video of Nana-san singing Mugen live on Music Japan can be found on YouTube. :3

Good, powerful live. She doesn’t look nervous anymore (as she did for her first 2 lives on MJ) so I’m happy for her. 😀


EDIT: Updated with Smile-Gang summary. :3


7 comments on “21st Single – PHANTOM MINDS [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Uh new single’s title sounds dubious, lol. I don’t think they’d do another ‘Mugen-like’ PV since the songs are Nanoha songs after all, but I do hope the PV would be ‘Mugen-budget-like’. 8DDD
    Thank you for the translation/summary as always! <33

    • It’s the word ‘Phantom’ that makes me fearful of getting something like the mugen MV.
      And mugen was a White Album song… Never would I have thought it’d turn into that either. ;_;
      No problem. 😀

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