Pritsの久しぶりの集結!? [Mizuki Nana]

I don’t know how many people are aware that Mizuki Nana was formerly a part of the seiyuu unit called Prits. They released 3 singles and 1 album.
While the group was not necessarily disbanded, their activity only lasted for one year (throughout 2002). The members consisted of Mizuki Nana, Kobayashi Yumiko, Kuwatani Natsuko, and Mochizuki Hisayo.

But that’s not the point. The point is that, according to Nana-san’s latest blog post, the background vocals and chorus for one of the songs on Nana-san’s 21st single will be done by Prits.

Awesome, no? XDD

Admittedly, I’m not all that familiar with the other two seiyuu on Prits. I’m only familiar with Mizuki Nana and Kuwatani Natsuko (Fate & Arf! XDDD).


And Kohaku Countdown has STARTED. See here if you haven’t already (see banner on the right). Guh… I’m seeing more and more reasons to use WordPress… ;_;

Anyway, GAH! Nana-san sounds so cute! XDD Especially when she said Hajimaru yo!. o(≧ω≦)o


27 comments on “Pritsの久しぶりの集結!? [Mizuki Nana]

    • YES! XDDD
      I wonder if anyone will record all her phrases for the next 60 days?
      Considering we seem to share the same taste in music, you probably won’t like the majority of their songs. =P They’re not bad, there are much worse ones out there, but… eh, the songs that I’ve heard from them are too “bubbly.”
      You’re tempting me more to sign up on WP. XP

      • I’m sure that a crazy japanese fan will do that and upload it on Niconico. Just have to wait ! XDDDD
        Ookay, thanks ! XD I’m lazy to find their songs, so I’ll just follow your advice and pass !
        Your entries are definitely worth and better to be on a WP blog !

        • But they’ve got to do it before the next banner is uploaded (so within 24 hours).
          Yeah… And my biggest problem with them is that they aren’t ‘together’ during the chorus part. XP They give off a karaoke feel. XDD;;
          I do wonder why they’re calling the other members of Prits to do the background vocals though…
          Haha, thanks. Though I don’t see a difference in terms of ‘worth’? =P

          • WP gives a feeling of a more serious blog, in my opinion, while Livejournal is more of a “talking about my life” blog (not that I don’t like this, talking about one’s like is a common trend this days).
            And your entries are so interesting and most of all VERY detailed that they need to be on a WP. I can’t think of posting loooong entries on Livejournal, it’s a pain in the neck !

            • not that I don’t like this, talking about one’s like is a common trend this days
              XDDD “common trend”? I suppose you’re right about that. XDD
              Long posts on LJ aren’t that hard to manage. =P But yeah, I think I know what you mean. WP blogs tend to more “interest/news” related than anything else. Hm…

              • we, modern people, love to talk about our boring lives, don’t we ? 8DDDDDDDDD
                I personally find it hard. But it’s my personal opinion ! ;p
                I don’t force you of course (just trying to convince you ? 8D), if LJ suits you, then stay ! ^o^ Wherever you are I’ll continue to stalk read your entries, hahahahaahah !

              • XDDD And I’m sure it’s because our lives are boring that we have to talk about them in an attempt to make it somewhat interesting. XD
                What’s really tempting me at the moment is the kohaku banner (which, as you probably already know, is supported by WP).
                If anything, I’m not going to move off completely. What I’m thinking of is putting Mizuki Nana-related posts on WP only and use LJ to post about other stuff (i.e. life, MSLN, fanfics etc..).
                I’m happy that you’ll continue to stalk read my entries regardless. Haha. XDDD

              • THAT’S SO TRUE ! XDDDDD
                Yeah it is, WP supports a lot of things, that’s why it’s good to have a WP blog ! ;D
                In my case I’m using LJ to post some randoms things, like my life, or things I discover on the web (funny videos, etc)… So yeah, I think you should do that ! That seems to be a good idea ! ^o^

              • From what I’ve seen, WP does seem to be more customizable than LJ.
                I probably will do that. :3 If I’m not too lazy to after finishing off my assignment today. XDD;;
                Looking back, most of my posts are Mizuki Nana only though… XDD;;

              • Guuuuuh ! >____<
                One friend of mine said : THE POWER OF LOVE.
                So, NO IT’S NOT A BAD THING.
                Another friend of mine said : how were you before knowing Nana ?
                I answered : There were something before Nana ?
                … … NO IT’S NOT A BAD THING.

    • Another friend of mine said : how were you before knowing Nana ?
      I answered : There were something before Nana ?

      We had no life before knowing Mizuki Nana. XDDD
      And… *nods nods* Power of Love obsession keeps us going. XDDD

  1. Kohaku banner = Best photos and clothes of Nana’s ever. 8DDD
    /edit: the only nitpick I have is that the photoshopping of Nana standing around the 3D numbers is not polished enough. I guess they were quite pressed for time, seeing as how the photoshoot started only days ago, and hasn’t ended yet!
    If you ever decide to use WP, please do not abandon LJ too. ;___; I check my f-list everyday so it’s easier to keep up with your posts and not miss anything. ❤

    • To be precise, the photoshoot was done on October 30th, so they only had one day to do the edits before they had to put up the first banner. =P
      I haven’t decided to get WP yet (as tempting as it is — considering WP is overall better than LJ), but I won’t abandon LJ, so don’t worry. =D

    • I would’ve never thought Prits would come together again to do this. XD
      I’m honoured that you think I’m a totally awesome person? XD Sure, go ahead with the add. Although I do want to warn you that I f-lock my emo-life posts, so if you want me to friend you back, be prepared to see those. It’s ultimately your choice. :3

      • I’m fine with reading your emo-life posts! But I shall also warn you that if you add me then you’ll see a lot of me posting everyday about my boring life, so add back at your own risk LOL
        I heard Prits didn’t sound very good! LOL I don’t have any songs by them so I don’t know what they sound like but it would be totally awesome (kutatani Natsuko!!)

        • Added! 😉
          Haha. They don’t. They’re not the worse but they’re nowhere near the best either. ^^;;
          *nods* Because of Kuwatani Natsuko, I’m imagining Arf in the background when Fate is the main vocalist. XDD;; (Don’t know if you ever watched the Nanoha series).

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