Mizuki Nana 21st Single [Mizuki Nana]

I am not motivated to work in the slightest… -__-;;

Anyway, official information regarding Mizuki Nana’s 21st Single has been updated on the official website. I laugh at how it was available for pre-order since days ago. XDD

The CD will have 4 songs. Confirmed are:

– Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the MOVIE 1st Opening Song
– Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the MOVIE 1st Insert Song
– Shining Force Cross Opening Song (Spread of Cross)

I’m betting that the 4th song will be the opening song to MSLN: The Battle of ACES game. It has been confirmed on the game’s main website (and in various magazine articles) that she’ll be doing an all-new opening. That game is to be released on January 21st (on Nana-san’s birthday! XD) so the timing matches.

Next is more radio shows featuring Nana-san as guest.

bayfm ON8 ゲスト:水樹奈々 (2009/10/29) Part1
bayfm ON8 ゲスト:水樹奈々 (2009/10/29) Part2

Mainly more promotion of the 夢幻 single. Nothing particularly interesting that I noticed, though it is amusing to know the producers (of various different programs) wishes for Nana-san to “keep doing lives at the Dome even when she has reached the age of 60” and “to officially become a member of the Hanshin Tigers in order to promote baseball. XDD
A fan sent in a letter saying that she wishes for Mizuki Nana to become a designer one day. That’d be interesting… And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nana-san makes her own brand one day. XDDD


7 comments on “Mizuki Nana 21st Single [Mizuki Nana]

  1. 3 new Nanoha Nana songs? Hot damn. 😄
    lol. The producers of the radio shows are fans too. It’ll be cool if the baseball pros were the ones who said that. 8DD I just wonder how they would feel whenever an artist use ‘their’ dome to do a live. Mixed feelings, probably?
    Have you seen the nicodouga show she went on too? Someone uploaded them to youtube.
    Nana as a designer…… I won’t hope for much, lol. But if she were to endorse a brand, I’m sure there’ll be good sales. 😀
    Jia You for work!

    • I wonder if she’ll be the one to write the lyrics again for the movie opening… :3
      I’m wondering how the Seibu Lions felt when she used their home ground to do a live. XDD After all, it’s no secret that Nana-san is a Hanshin Tigers fan. XDDD
      *nods* I watched it on Nico, though the separate clips uploaded onto YouTube are of higher quality. =P
      It’ll be interesting to see what kind of designs she comes up with though. XDDD
      Thanks! =D

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