NHK紅白歌合戦「紅白デジタル応援隊」 [Mizuki Nana]

GRAH! What is wrong with LJ??? It’s time like these that make me seriously want to move off to WP.

ANYWAY. I jumped the official website as soon as I read the comment from .

第60回 NHK紅白歌合戦「紅白デジタル応援隊」に水樹奈々が任命されました!!!

Mizuki Nana has been appointed to be on the 60th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen “Kohaku Digital Support Team

In case anyone starts reading too quickly and missed what I wrote… NO, Nana-san will NOT be performing in this year’s Kohaku. Instead, she is there for publicity purposes. She will be counting down to the Kohaku event, beginning on November 1, 2009 (exactly 60 days before the event) in Digital form (through the PC and cellphone). Basically we’ll be seeing pictures and her blogging skills for 60 days as she counts down. XD;;

More info on the Kouhaku blog here.

Gotta run for classes now. XP

EDIT: I just read Nana-san’s latest blog post. If I’m not misunderstanding, then the countdown blog is a voice blog?

By the way, coverage of the press conference regarding the Digital Support Team can be found here. Scroll down to see (Nana-san’s) photos. :3


9 comments on “NHK紅白歌合戦「紅白デジタル応援隊」 [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Haha. So she wouldn’t be a part of the event on the day itself after all? (/edit: I was fantasising about her being an MC or narrator or something. lol ) But maybe she’ll be part of the audience. 8DD
    Being charged with Kohaku publicity still sounds important and fun, though. Hopefully she’ll get to meet other stars and do interviews? Eh I doubt so, but I do hope she’d at least blog about her impressions of them, instead of just Kohaku preparations and whatnot. Maybe there’ll be something special, what with it being the 60th anniversary of Kohaku and all.
    60 days of blogging Kohaku? Can’t wait.

    • She might be part of the audience and may be asked to say a few words at some point? XD
      Considering how big of a deal Kohaku is in Japan, people in Japan must have recognized how much of an influence Nana-san has in order for them to get her on “the support team.” :3
      It’ll definitely be interesting to see what she writes about over those 60 days. XDD

  2. I read that on the morning after waking up, but I didn’t understand it all ! Thanks for the precision ! ;D
    And yeah, you should move to WordPress, it would be easier for you to do your (awesome) posts (if you have your own domain, that is, because i don’t know how it works if you use wordpress own servers).

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