Yandere!Nana is SCARY! >.< [Mizuki Nana]

What the title says. >_<

I caught up on all the radio shows and now I'm amused.

I know I don't talk about The World of M much, and that’s because there usually isn’t much worth mentioning (even though I still listen to it every week). This (last) week, however, is a different story. The Bring out your voice and read the following Japanese corner (aka Voice Acting Corner) on the World of M brought out a side of Nana-san that we’ve never heard of before. Nana-san attempts to portray a yandere character.

水樹奈々のMの世界 #017 [2009.10.23]
Go straight to 22:00.

Yandere!Nana: Good morning. Eh? What’s with that red scar? Eh? You were bitten by a mosquito? *evil giggle* It’s not good to lie. I see… It’s because of that woman again. Then… Once school finishes, it’s time for (your) punishment.

怖い!怖いよ!奈々さんあんた怖いよ!>_< XDDDD


Moving on… Now the rest of the radio shows…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第395回【デジラジ音源】
Nothing that was exceptionally funny, but amusing tidbits littered this broadcast. First up, Nana-san says that being small (in size) is a good thing. Why? Because she gets clothing at a cheaper price! XD (Small sizes go on sale because nobody fits them XD).

Then, people send in mail asking about Mugen. One person asked Nana-san what she did when she got stuck/needed a change of pace (when writing the lyrics). She answered that she played with Kei-tan. Played how? She was ruffling his fur (in the I-don’t-know-what-to-do! way). XDDD Apparently, Kei-tan was annoyed. But he didn’t mind when she petted him. XDDD Aside from that, she also ate curry. XD

And… Another person asked what Nana-san’s mother’s reaction was to her newest single. According to Nana-san, she said her mother really liked the MV. XD She watched it many times over and over again. XDD (Quite a different reaction than to Etsuraku Camellia. XDD Understandable, I guess. XD)

10/24 DHC Count Down Japan [ゲスト:水樹奈々]

Didn’t find anything particularly interesting. They started off talking about fashion (which I’m not going to go into) and then about Nanette (you know, the bird? XD) then to Kei-tan (and it is revealed that he was originally named Kei but eventually people (herself included) started calling him Kei-chan/Kei-tan XD). And finally, it ends off with White Album talk (same talk as always about the main male character and how much she dislikes him XD).

レコメン!(2009.10.20) ゲスト:水樹奈々

Totally random broadcast. I put it here purely for completion purposes as there’s nothing interesting about this at all. People sent in mail about their break ups with their girlfriends/boyfriends and they talked about that along with other very random things.

Although, I did find one part somewhat amusing. The host said that there’s one line in Mugen that reminded him of Nana-san. And it’s the line いい子でいられない (I don’t want to be a good kid (anymore))

リッスン? ~Live 4 Life~ (2009.10.20) ゲスト:水樹奈々

It’s largely a run through of Nana-san’s achievements since she was a child (nothing we haven’t heard of before). And then… White Album talk again. x__x (When you listen to all these radio shows back to back… WA talk gets insanely repetitive… Because Nana-san pretty much say the same negative things about the main male character over and over again).

But the ending was rather interesting. The host asks Nana-san to make a wish and Nana-san wishes to become a good (attractive) woman (because people keep saying that she’s too much of a kid and therefore won’t take her seriously). XD

And that’s all. Yeah, I know there’s also Radio StrikerS (I’ve listened to it, obviously) but if I start talking about that… eh… I don’t think I’ll ever finish. And this post will get waaaay too long. So next time (maybe…definitely eventually). :3

Also, to everyone who worried about me and commented/talked/messaged me, thanks! As you can see from this post, I’m feeling better (I finally slept properly)… Don’t know how long that’ll last but it’s better than nothing, right?


16 comments on “Yandere!Nana is SCARY! >.< [Mizuki Nana]

  1. oh my god, that’s quite a bunch of radio show to listen ! x___x
    o_____o tsundere mizuki nana … … … i can’t explain with words how I feel !

    ill listen to the other show later on !
    btw mugen is available for direct download somewhere on the web (just type 夢幻 水樹奈々 320kbps on google ;))

    • It’s how I spend my day off. XD
      It’s yandere, not tsudere. :3 But it’s honestly scary! >_< Especially with that BGM playing in the background as she said those lines. XDDD
      Yup, I got it earlier already. Thanks though! =D Now all that’s left is waiting for the arrival of the actual CD! ;D

  2. Quite random :
    Have been looping the single for a while now (in higher version then radio rip)
    Like… Tenkuu no Canaria sounds so fantastically ! *___* Background chorus, more precise and brighter instruments, WOW I’M DIEING.
    Same goes for the other tracks.
    Gonna blog about it tomorrow or later !!!

    • XDDD Shouldn’t you be sleeping soon? (Even though you’re on holidays). XD
      I KNOW! XDD I think it is especially clear with Dear Dream. It sounds much better than its radio version. It’s actually less “noisy” as we were talking about earlier. XD Stereo ftw! XD
      But yeah, Tenkuu no Canaria ❤
      I have no more words to describe how awesome it is anymore. I completely understand what you mean though. Clearer instrumental sounds make a huge difference. =D

      • sleeping ? LOL it’s 12am (Tuesday \o/) and i don’t sleep before 2 XDDDD (and i wake up quite early @_@)
        yeah, don’t want to waste my holidays sleeping XDDD too much things to do (like looping nana’s tracks)
        EXACTLY. Gotta love Dear Dream more and more ❤
        Actually I like Mugen more and more too, but Dear Dream even more, and STORIES even more, and… okay.
        Alalalalaa~ Shin Ai was an awesome single, but this one is (imo) way better ! Hoorah for 4 A-side songs !!! \o/

        • Hahaha. I never thought I’d know someone who thinks sleeping is a waste of time like I do! (Friends think I’m crazy to not sleep in when I get the chance to :P). Although too much of a lack of sleep is a bad thing. XP
          XDDD I still like Mugen the least out of 4 tracks, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. It just doesn’t impact me as much as the other 3. I love the guitar riff though! XD
          *nods nods* Speaking of Shin Ai, sometimes, I think I don’t loop it enough. I actually really like PRIDE OF GLORY and Gozen reiji no Baby Doll but their play count is low compared to all the other songs. ^^;;

          • that’s relative.
            while in school, my only wish is to sleep.
            while at home, i’ll do anything but sleep.
            Exactly the same here. I do like Mugen, but it’s not as catchy as the other tracks. The only problem is listening to this song reminds me of the MV … ._____.
            Those two tracks were really good, but like you i didn’t loop them enough either u___u’ Gozen reiji no Baby Doll is my fav after Shin Ai, such a fantastic song… yeah, gotta listen to it a bit more ! XD

            • I feel sleepy when in class, but I wouldn’t want to actually sleep. XD;; The only time I do want to sleep is when I force myself to stay awake to study. XP
              Me too… >_< It's kind of sad to think that the MV ruined it for us… But I think I'm beginning to forget about the MV. It's not like I watched it many times as I did with her other PVs. =P
              Gozen reiji no Baby Doll is a good song to listen to at night time. XD PRIDE OF GLORY reminds me of GUNDAM. XDD
              Yay for new single! It’s only her first single after Ultimate Diamond’s release, but I’m already looking forward to her next album. XDDD

              • Hahaha ! What we can do in order not to study is pretty awesome, ne ? XDDDD
                Oh yeah true, the gundam feeling is so present in PRIDE OF GLORY ! ^o^
                o___o gosh, next album… no, no, I should not imagining how fabulous it will be ! >___<

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