Mizuki Nana Backlog? [Mizuki Nana]

Huh… It’s been a while since I last wrote about Mizuki Nana. But what can you do when life gets in the way?

Here’s my attempt to return to my normal fandom life and get away from the depressing.

Anyway… 3 more days until 夢幻 release! Now that I’ve heard all 4 songs, I have to say… Out of the 4 songs, Mugen is the song I like the least. My favourite is, as some may be able to guess already, STORIES. Meaningful lyrics + light-hearted melody makes it a song you just have to love. I’ve looped it I-don’t-know-how-many-times-already, thanks to NicoVideo having the ‘repeat’ function.

Tenkuu no Canaria is my second favourite. For obvious reasons. It reminds of Tales of Symphonia (as it should!) and I’m a huge Tales fan.

Dear Dream… A little noisy, but we haven’t gotten this type of fast-paced song from Nana-san since RUSH&DASH! In fact, it reminds me a lot of RUSH&DASH! And of Pokemon because of the STEP! JUMP! lines (I’m referring to Pocket Monster D&P’s first ending – Kimi no soba de – Just those lines though, as Kimi no soba de is nowhere near as fast-paced as Dear Dream). Surprisingly, I’ve been looping this one a lot too. I really like it.

I’ll leave it at this for now. Probably write more when my copy of the single arrives…

Onto other news… I’ve been trying to catch up on everything Mizuki Nana today. Who would’ve thought that I’d have to do a backlog for Mizuki Nana. I usually jump at everything the day the video/radio/news is uploaded/updated. But I suppose it’s not all bad. It keeps my mind off of…stuff…

I’ll probably do a huge radio dump tomorrow (because Nana-san has been on to a few radio shows the past week).

In terms of actual Nana news for this post…
Don’t have much since I haven’t caught up with the all radio shows yet. All I can say is that Nana-san got herself a new cellphone because her previous one died and she had to replace it. Which is the reason she couldn’t update her blog (or rather, was late updating her blog) yesterday/the day before.

EDIT: Oh… This is random but… I’ve changed my Windows sound theme to Mizuki Nana sound theme (taken from Windows 7). Only some though, as her saying “ja-jan” “chi-n” and other similar sounds whenever I close a window/maximize a window can get annoying fast. So… Feel free to spam my inbox! Nana-san’s voice will come through my speakers everytime I get a new mail (and I set Windows Live Mail to refresh and pick up new mail every minute).

5 comments on “Mizuki Nana Backlog? [Mizuki Nana]

    Since I’ve put some of the theme’s sounds, I love to shutdown my computer or plug-in device… that’s incredibly stupid XDDD
    Oh so I understood it right when she said that her cellphone broke. Wonder what model she has now (i want a keitai too T__T). That seriously reminds me of the sumairugyangu dvd in which she was showing her new cellphone ! XD
    Can’t wait for my copy of Mugen !! AND YEAH LOVE the niconico repeat function XDDDD (Tenkuu no Canaria is my fav ! ^O^)

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