Melody of a Memory [Mizuki Nana, MSLN]

We have all seen the 夢幻 PV, right? Just in case…

Higher quality version can be found on NicoNico here

Except… Someone explain to me the meaning behind the PV… -__-;; How’d it turn into that?


Anyway, moving on…

Melody of a Memory – 映画 レイトン教授と永遠の歌姫 オリジナルテーマ曲集
Melody of a Memory – Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva Original Theme Song Collection
To be released on December 16, 2009.

^Those who want to hear Nana-san sing opera and cannot wait until the Professor Layton movie to come out onto DVD/Blu-ray can choose to order this CD (unless you live in Japan, then you can watch the movie in theatres instead of waiting it to be released onto DVD/Blu-ray):

Not sure if i’ll be getting this… Live Diamond & Fever will surely leave me without money to spare in December. ;_;


And… Nana-san’s most recent blog post (October 3, 2009).
For some strange reason, seeing Nana-san so hyped up and excited over the Nanoha series makes me grin. Apparently, it’s a very important series to her – which many can guess because she made several references in her audio commentaries in her Live DVD/Blu-rays.

Completely random (and you’d have to be a MSLN fan to understand this) but I found it especially cute when she wrote: なのはと名前が呼べるまで、精一杯演じてきたいと思いますっ!!!


2 comments on “Melody of a Memory [Mizuki Nana, MSLN]

  1. LOL. I kinda like the PV though. It doesn’t seem low-budget like most of Nana’s PV. :DDD There’s this line in the song ‘find the real me’ so I can hazard a guess that Nana is, perhaps, stuck in past memories? Or an illusion? And is trying to find herself? Uh. I have no idea.
    I don’t think I will be buying Melody of a Memory. I will be stalking youtube for uploads though. 8DDD
    Nanoha movie! Looking forward to the songs. ❤

  2. Mugen : beeeeh. orz (lazy to say again what i’ve already said, but i don’t like the clip either)
    December… … why the f*ck they want us to go bankrupt on December ?!?! XDDD
    I plan to buy the Sing Forever Scorebook, which is already expensive, with the DVDs (totally expensive too btw), so dunno if i’ll be able to take the opera too x____X

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