Anisama 2009 soon…[Mizuki Nana]

This will prove to be interesting.

According to Nana-san’s most recent blog entry, she will be sharing the same dressing room as Tamura Yukari (or more commonly referred to as “Princess Yukarin of the neighbouring country”) this year as well.

And we all know the potential for crazy laughter when these two are together. XD Nana-san even said she’ll most likely be having fun while waiting for her performance. XDD (Smile-Gang 332 comes to mind. XD)

^I guess this means, as speculated, the two of them will be performing a duet together again (or at least, there is a VERY HIGH chance of it happening).
I’m half expecting a duet between Nana-san and SUARA, with them singing one of SUARA’s songs. :3
Though I personally wouldn’t mind a duet between Nana-san and Hirano Aya. I’m aware a lot of fans will be against this (i never actually understood the hatred), but I honestly don’t think it’ll be bad. Their single line duet in RE:BRIDGE ~Return to oneself~ sounded pretty good.
OR a duet between Endoh Maasaki and Nana-san! ETERNAL BLAZE! That’d be really awesome. 😀

…You know, I keep saying I’ll write about K-TAI, but it remains half written. XDDD Not my fault I keep coming across more information/photos from various places. XDDD