Smile-Gang 384 [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第384回【デジラジ音源】

I’ve said this many times, but Misato and Nana-san make a very good combo (the fact that they keep ending up in a tie when playing rock-paper-scissors should tell as much). XD

Anyway, at the beginning, continuing their delusional state from last week, the both of them imagine themselves at a Fireworks Festival. Because Nana-san lost to Misato at rock-paper-scissors, she is responsible for the sound effects while Misato is the one admiring the fireworks.
…Am I the only one who thinks the “fireworks” sounded more like a machine gun? And the “pew~” sounds are the missiles flying through the air? Fireworks Festival turned battlefield? XDD

But the most hilarious part of this episode? The following:

Sma-Dai Campus Life – Engeki Circle (Drama Club) – aka where hilarity and chaos ensues XD

Story: Mizuki Nana Goes to Tokyo!
The role of “Mizuki Nana” will be played by Fukuen Misato. Everyone else will be played by Nana. XDD

Beginning at 11:44

Nana: I am Nana, 15 years old. Up until today, I’ve been living in Ehime-ken, where there is the sea, mountain, my family, kind-hearted people and many, many mikan (tangerines). But today, I will be saying goodbye to Niihama. Starting tomorrow, I will begin my life in Tokyo!

Title call: Summer Story – The story of Mizuki Nana – Going to the Capital!

Mama: Nana-chan, did you bring water? The bus ride to Tokyo will be a long one.
Nana: I’ll be fine, mama! There’s no need to worry.
Papa: Nana, have you got everything? Is there anything else you want?
Nana: You too, Papa, you don’t need to worry. I’ve got 20 mikan, so I’ll manage somehow.
Papa: That’s true… But… You’re really going to Tokyo, aren’t you?
Nana: It’s because I won that previous singing contest that I’m able to go to Tokyo. It’s the first contest that I have won since birth. It’s all thanks to Mama and Papa, so thank you!
Papa: That’s true… You always came back winning second or third place, but this time, you managed to win for the very first time.
Nana: Mm. When I was little, I was always second or third… Papa! Now that I’ve won, I can say this. For all those times that I wasn’t able to win, I really suffered when sitting in your car!
Papa: Eh? Why?
Nana: Because both you and Mama were really strict with me!

~Flashback start~

Mama: Mou… Nana-chan, you were… you were great, but… why, when they asked you “what is your name?” at the interview, you couldn’t make more of an appeal? You should’ve made yourself out to be more excited and outgoing! A singer doesn’t just sing!
Papa: I had a bad feeling all along. Looks like you’re not good enough yet, Nana. We’ll go get some kin-chan noodle and then go home.
(Nana-san: Sorry!)
Mama: All right! We’ll keep practicing! Project your voice so that you will not lose to the sound of when your father is creating replicas of false tooth/teeth! Now sing, beginning with Amagi goe!

(O_o What is that? Sounds more like a construction site? XD …And I thought they were in a car? … How is it possible that they have access to the tools? XDD Either way though, Nana-san and Misato were both hilarious. XDDD)

Mama: No, Nana-chan! You’re losing! Ganbatte!
Nana: *continues to sing Amagi Goe* XDDD

Mama: *sighs* You sound horrible today, Nana-chan.
Nana: I’m sorry.
Mama: Stand outside and reflect upon yourself!
Nana: Yes.

Nana: …I got her mad at me again…
???: Hey, Nana!
Nana: Ah! You’re the guy that I like! The (video) gamer, Matsumoto-kun!
Matsumoto: Do you want to play a game together?
Nana: Eh? Is that okay with you?
Matsumoto: Let’s play FF5!
Nana: 5? 5! Yes, I love that game.
(Kasumi’s note: FF5 is a RPG, no? How do you have two people playing that? XD
Nana: Waa~h! Matsumoto-kun sure is good at gaming!
Matsumoto: Aren’t I? But I’m even better at something else.
Nana: And what would that be?
Matsumoto: Kissing.
Nana: EH?
Matsumoto: Nana, won’t you let me kiss you?
(Kasumi’s note: I think all the guys with the Matsumoto surname need to start running for their life. XD)
Nana: N-No. I-I can’t. That’s too…
Matsumoto: What’s wrong with that? It’s fine, isn’t it? Let’s kiss.
Nana: B-but! W-wait! Ah! Not good!
Matsumoto: What’s wrong?
Nana: It’s 5 o’clock! My curfew is 5 o’clock on the dot. I need to run!
Matsumoto: Uh, uh, really?!
Nana: I need to go, bye!
Matsumoto: Ah, bye bye!

Mama: Nana-chan! Do you know what time it is?
Nana: 5:03…
Mama: Mou! Those who can’t even be on time have no right to be a singer! You can stay in the storage house/shed!
Nana: I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Ahh~ *is shoved and locked into the shed* Let me out! Please! I’ll never be late again! LET ME OUT~~~! ;_;

~Flashback end~

Papa: Nana, don’t cry when you get to Tokyo.
Mama: Nana-chan, hold tight to that dream of yours!
Nana: Mom!
Bus driver: This bus to Tokyo will be taking off soon…
Nana: I’ll be going now!
(Kasumi’s note: Misato laughed. XDDD
???: NANA!!!
Nana: Ah! That voice belongs to the person that I like! The gamer, Matsumoto-kun!
Bus driver: Hai, taking off!

Nana: And so… Aiming to become a singer, I, Mizuki Nana, headed towards Tokyo. Along with the tears I shed on the bus, the memories I shared with Matsumoto-kun played out beautifully in my mind.

Mizuki Nana – arrival in Tokyo! My dream has just begun. The continuation of my story will be… next time!


How much of the story is true and how much is false… That is up to our imagination. Nana-san claims everything but the Matsumoto-kun ending is true (because he moved/transferred schools before she left for Tokyo — plus, he wasn’t perverted). XDD

Nana-san actually spoke quite a bit about K-TAI (I’ve written it all down), but bleh, I’ll gather everything and put it in one big post. I have nothing better to do since I’ve injured my calf muscle AGAIN. o(>_<)o

5 comments on “Smile-Gang 384 [Mizuki Nana]

    *PAPAPAPAPAAAaaa….PAH* sugoooooooooi !!!
    the whole story was TOTAL EPIC !!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD especially the amagi goe thing part XDDDDD i can’t stop laughing !!!!!
    again, thank you for sharing and translating ^o^ !! 30 hilarious minutes ! XDDD

    • XDDDDD
      I see you’ve got yourself a new icon! And it’s that pac-man t-shirt! \(^0^)/
      I laughed like crazy the first time I heard the amagi goe part. And I still laugh every time I re-listen to it. XD Although, the first time I was all “O_o Wait, wait, what is she trying to imitate?” XDD
      You’re welcome. This was way too hilarious to not share. XD

      • i would have a lot of nana icons without that 6 icons limitation ;___; i love makin’ icons from her photos blog ❤ ❤ ❤
        i wanted to buy a pacman t-shirt a while ago, now i’m definitely gonna buy one ! XDDD PACMAN FTW !
        XDDD Unforgettable “imitation” !!

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