Professor Layton: The Eternal Diva [Mizuki Nana]

Nana-san’s singing talent knows no bounds. :O

Professor Layton: The Eternal Diva

Click on the link. Load the trailer. Watch it.

Hear that? No, I’m not referring to her awesome voice acting skills. Hear the opera singing in the background? THAT IS NANA-SAN! The actual full song has yet to be recorded (Nana-san said on her blog that the recording is to take place tomorrow), so the trailer uses a lyrics-less version.

According to Techno-Sound’s staff blog (random Nana-san tidbits here and there on that blog — would’ve never known about the blog’s existence if not for K-TAI XD), there was a singing audition of sorts for the role in which case Nana-san sang Amazing Grace (which presumably landed her the role/led to the decision to allow her to sing rather than get a professional opera singer for the song).

Waai~ I want to hear Nana-san’s version of Amazing Grace!


14 comments on “Professor Layton: The Eternal Diva [Mizuki Nana]

    • I really want to watch the movie even though I know nothing about Professor Layton. XD
      Haha! I’m guessing she sang the japanese version of Amazing Grace. Though there is still quite a bit of english in the japanese version, so… ^^;;
      But she sang it just for the audition, so it’s not like it’ll be released to the public (as much as I want it to be). >_<
      By the way, nice to meet you. :3 Your username sounds strangely familiar, have I met you from somewhere else before? :O

      • umm
        I have an LJ account since ages ago but never posted anything.. probably from my Nana blog? xD Nice to meet you too! I’m too busy to listen to radio shows lately so I found your blog really helpful 😛
        Yeah I know nothing bout Layton too but the OST CD is a done deal~ ❤ Nana has a strong voice so she would sound awsm in opera songs..

        • Um… Maybe? ^^;; But then… I don’t recall ever visiting your blog until now… (Sorry!)
          Thanks! I know what you mean. On normal weeks, I can listen to Nana-san’s radio shows without any problems, but if she shows up on other radio shows as guest (like the time when she was promoting Ultimate Diamond), it does get difficult to try to keep up with everything. XDD;;

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