K-TAI 2009 [Mizuki Nana, seiyuu, pokemon]

I cannot stop grinning. After reading through all of Toyoguchi Megumi-san’s blog posts with regards to the K-TAI race, I can’t stop grinning. That, and because my parents are talking to each other again.

She wrote about everyone else on her team (including Paku Romi-san who is on another team called Team Rocket) and she made Nana-san out to be so cute that I can’t help but go “Ahh~~!! *grin chuckle grin*” Even when Megumi-san wrote that Nana-san and Nakahara Mai-san started crying when they saw her after the race, I went all “Aww~ Someone give the 3 of them a hug!” XD;;

There are 3 extremely long blog posts made on Megumi-san’s blog and I don’t know where to start as she didn’t exactly write things in order either. So I’m going to go with the order she made the posts in. Starting with this post.

I’m not going to link to all the pictures… So just scroll through Megumi-san’s blog to see them all. See the 4th picture? That was the kart Team Eien no Uta-hime (hereby referred to as “Eternal Diva” for english translation purposes) raced in. Number 37. The team members’ names are written on the front. …Though I have no clue who Tomoko K. is. He/she is not listed as a racer. XP And I’m amused at the fact that Megumi-san’s name had to be on a slant. XDD

If you continue scrolling down Megumi-san’s blog, you’ll see other similar looking karts.
Number 63: Team Rocket (the team Paku Romi-san and Miki Shinichirou-san are on).
Number 87: Team Professor Layton
Number 16: Team Arceus
Number 25: Team Pikachu (they won third place — and I just realized… HAHA #25! Pikachu is #25 is the Pokedex!)
Number 17: Team P☆Sunday

Hikari Jacket!”
^Not Nana-san related, but that’s a cool jacket. :O Look! It’s Hikari who is printed on the back. That’s because Megumi-san is the seiyuu for Hikari from Pocket Monster Diamond & Pearl. 😀

Anyway, Pokemon-ness aside. The last part of Megumi-san’s blog post is about Nana-san.
Due to the rolling start nature of the race and Team Eternal Diva getting a Pole Position start, Nana-san started the race with 120 carts trailing behind her.

Starting the race with 120 karts trailing behind is one reason to be very nervous. Especially for Nana-san. According to Megumi-san though, there is no one better to be the starting driver for Team Eternal Diva. Why? Because K-TAI is a SEVEN hour race and “Nana” means 7. XDDD

Megumi-san wrote that:
At first, Nana-chan was scared…
But in the end, she asked us, “Is it really okay for me to be the one?”

As expected (laughs)!

She wouldn’t be Mizuki Nana otherwise!

As expected indeed. It’s just so like Nana-san to ask that. XDD She doesn’t back down despite being afraid, instead, she asks that question. Nana-san is a worrywart (which, she once said in an interview, is one thing she can relate to Fate-chan (MSLN) the most) but that doesn’t necessarily stop her from anything. Go Nana-san!

Seriously, I can almost hear Nana-san asking that question and Megumi-san unable to hold in her laughter.

Argh… I think I’ve been staring at the computer too long… And I haven’t even written about Nana-san crying as soon as she saw “Megu-san.” XD I guess that will have to come later.


7 comments on “K-TAI 2009 [Mizuki Nana, seiyuu, pokemon]

    • No problem! There will be more when I get around to it. ^__^
      Yes she is! Nana-san~~~~~ XD
      Nana-san did post up a picture on her own blog a couple of days ago. No close up, but… Then again, it’s not her full suit because she was wearing a t-shirt there… ^^;;

      • i couldn’t reply >.< couldn't access to livejournal after leaving my comment wonder why
        yeah i had already seen her picture but as you said that wasn’t her full suit =/
        still she looks really cute in t-shirt *___* *fanboying*

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