K-TAI 2009 [Mizuki Nana, seiyuu, pokemon]

I cannot stop grinning. After reading through all of Toyoguchi Megumi-san’s blog posts with regards to the K-TAI race, I can’t stop grinning. That, and because my parents are talking to each other again.

She wrote about everyone else on her team (including Paku Romi-san who is on another team called Team Rocket) and she made Nana-san out to be so cute that I can’t help but go “Ahh~~!! *grin chuckle grin*” Even when Megumi-san wrote that Nana-san and Nakahara Mai-san started crying when they saw her after the race, I went all “Aww~ Someone give the 3 of them a hug!” XD;;

There are 3 extremely long blog posts made on Megumi-san’s blog and I don’t know where to start as she didn’t exactly write things in order either. So I’m going to go with the order she made the posts in. Starting with this post.

At first, Nana-chan was afraid. But in the end, she asked ‘Is it really okay for me to be the one?’