K-TAI 「永遠の歌姫」 [Mizuki Nana, seiyuu]

YES! Someone uploaded the start of the K-TAI race!!! Watch it now! Nana-san was the first racer for her team 永遠の歌姫 (Eien no Uta-hime). The camera eventually zooms in on her.
2009 K-TAI 水樹奈々PPスタート!

According to what Nana-san wrote on her blog, thanks of Toyoguchi Megumi’s amazing luck, they got a Pole Position Start. Which is why, as you see in the video, the race only started after Nana-san’s kart crossed the START line.

I’m still waiting for Megumi-san to update her blog for more information on the race since Nana-san didn’t elaborate all that much. ^^;; But we do know the team crossed the GOAL line safely. (There were a total of 120 karts participating in the race).

In case anyone is curious, the drivers of the team were made up of:
Mizuki Nana
Toyoguchi Megumi
Nakahara Mai
Namikawa Daisuke


5 comments on “K-TAI 「永遠の歌姫」 [Mizuki Nana, seiyuu]

    • *nods nods* They drove again!!! 😀
      Probably to promote the Professor Layton movie this time, since that’s where their team name Eien no Uta-hime came from.
      That aside, the actual cart looks funny to me for some reason… ^^;;

        • The first cart that you see coming down the track is Nana-san’s cart. The one wearing the orange pants and momentarily waved when crossing the START line. :3
          Never played it. XDD;;
          True…but… Ah, maybe it’s just me. ^^;;

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