Mの世界復活しました! [Mizuki Nana]

It’s Tanabata today. Everyone made your wishes yet? It’s cloudy over here so I doubt stars will be visible (not that I’ll search for bamboo sticks and hang them out my window even if the sky was clear tonight. Besides, I don’t live in Japan.)


Link here: 水樹奈々のMの世界 #001 (2009-07-03)
Below is my translation of the beginning.

M: Um, I’d like you to eat the curry that I cook everyday.
Eh? You’re asking what I mean?
…Idiot… I’ll only say this once… P-please marry me!

Ah! *sighs* It was a dream… Ugh, I seem to be having the same dream everyday…

*sound of knocking*
???: Mizuki-san! Mizuki-san!
M: Eh? Yes? Who is it?
S: It’s been a while. It’s me, The director of the World of M, Shiwasaki.
M: Eh? The world of M?! Wasn’t that program destroyed…?
S: Yes, that was supposed to be the case… but I’ve come bearing good news. The program is to be resurrected.
M: R-Resurrected? Uh, wait, please spare me. To me, that was equivalent to a black smudge in my personal history.
S: *sigh* You don’t seem to understand. Mizuki-san, in this world, there are two different types of people. Do you know that?
M: Two types? Ah, you mean male and female?
S: No! It is good and evil.
M: Eh?
S: You have forgotten?
M: Oh, I see now. Then no doubt the staff belonging to The World of M are the evil type. You’re trying to resurrect something that has been sealed.
S: Even though we’re evil, friendships exist. And even for the evil-doers, an evil saviour exists. Mizuki-san, you will take on this role, right? So without further ado, please make the title call.
M: Ahaha… But the impossible is impossible.
S:*sighs* So that’s how it is… I understand. But I did not come unprepared.
M: Even if you say that, no matter how much money you bribe me with, I will not talk. I will pierce your so-called friendship and justice.
S: No one said money was involved. Here.
M: Ah! Th-this is… CURRY!!!! *proceeds with title call*


Also, Cherry Boys are awesome. XD

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