Smile-Gang 377 [Mizuki Nana]

Ugh… I dislike hot weather… I can’t take the heat… -___-;;
I don’t even want to sit in front of my laptop because it’s radiating heat which is contributing to the high temperature within this room. D:

But because it’s summer, I saw a rabbit at the bus stop today. 😮 I wanted to take a picture of it but then some guy walked by and scared it away. D: It was a cute rabbit. :3 Mr. Bunny! XDDD;;

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第377回

HAHAHA. Nana-san still has yet to tell her mother that Smile-Gang is being broadcasted in Ehime-ken. XDDD But something tells me that her mother already knows… She’s the head of a Nana fanclub in Ehime, one of the members must have told her! XDDD Unless everyone is obedient and loyal and believes no one should tell her except of Nana-san herself.

Oh, and like most mothers, Nana-san’s mom isn’t too happy about the Etsuraku Camellia PV. But she’s not very upset about it either. According to Nana-san, this was how their conversation went (starting around 4:27):

Mama: How could you record such an eroi PV!? You let everyone see your back! Ah~Nana-chan is an adult now~
Nana-san: But mama, that’s how the song is… And I am 29.
Mama: Nana-chan should still be giving off the cute image, why did it turn into that?


And beginning 7:55 is the Sma-Dai Campus Life corner. This week, we have Misato and Nana-san making commercials for toilet paper, scissors, chair (Misato: CHE-AR! XDD) and Ehime-ken. It’s hilarious. My favourite was the commercial for scissors and chair. XDDD


10 comments on “Smile-Gang 377 [Mizuki Nana]

  1. summer time !!!!! *ω*
    how cute ! bunny-san !!
    Ah~Nana-chan is an adult now~
    Her mom is so like a… well… mom. XDDDDD
    I’ve yet to listen to this week smile gang but I’m already laughing hard reading you ! Thanks ! XDDDD
    *toilet paper ?!? XDDDD*

    • I don’t like summer much. D:
      *nods nods*
      That part was so funny… Especially because Nana-san was trying to imitate the way her mom talks. XDDDD
      You really should listen to it if you haven’t already. And you’re welcome. 😀
      Yes, toilet paper. XDDD Scissors was more funny though, if just for Nana-san going “sha-kin sha-kin sha-kin.” XDDD

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